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Our ONLiNE Courses -An Overview

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Our SharpReading teacher training in Guided Reading provides you with easily accessible, at your own pace learning of some very powerful guided reading routines across all the range of needs in your classrooms.

Teaching Reading to the Beginner Reader

SharpReading Stages 1&2 ONLiNE Course
The first 2 stages of our developmental progression provide you with teaching and guided practice routines to establish decoding fluency in your readers. Ideal for beginning readers or older readers who still need decoding support. Creates the necessary foundation for developing comprehension strategies.

Teaching Reading Comprehension

SharpReading Stage 3 ONLiNE Course
The beginning point for readers who have some decoding fluency and who now have the head space to concentrate on strategies to 'Construct Meaning'. Simple guided reading routines provide you with a no hassle programme that will engage and empower your students as they dig into text.

Teaching Reading for Critical Thinking

SharpReading Stages 4-5 ONLiNE Course
STAGE 4 adds four of the most important comprehension strategies to our '5 Step' reading routine, taking the student deeper into their thinking.
STAGE 5 builds student capacity to analyse and evaluate fiction and non-fiction WHILE they are reading.

"I've been teaching for 30 years and I'm a literacy specialist and yet I have learned a lot today".

Annamarie, Principal, Rotorua.

Specialty Courses

Become a SharpReading Coach

In-School SharpReading Coach - an ONLiNE Course PLUS in-class training
Learning how to support teachers in their classrooms without upsetting collegial relationships takes care and transparent processes. We will equip SharpReading ‘champions’ within the school with the tools and systems to guide and support teachers using our SharpReading routines towards full SharpReading accreditation.

Beyond this, we provide you with systems to analyse indicators of successful implementation across the school and develop a school plan that maintains the longevity and integrity of the SharpReading school wide. 

Helping the Struggling Older Reader Course

Our 'SevenPlus' intervention and a transition back into guided reading
Every middle and upper primary school classroom has them...those students who get stuck on decoding at around the 7-8 year reading level. We show you how to get them over the decoding hump with 'SevenPlus',  a 8-10 week intervention, followed by 'The 5 Bits', a very important transition back into a normal guided reading routine.

SharpPhonics ONLiNE Course

Get Started with Teaching Phonics
This is the result of a collaboration with Yolanda Soryl Literacy. We have taken Yolanda’s Phonics Stage 2 (initial 29 sounds; a-z, ch, sh, th) and Stage 4 (CVC words: cat, hen, pig...) and combined them with our step by step, scripted approach to training. Together we have generated a very structured 15 minute routine for junior teachers and teachers with little or no experience with phonics.

SharpReading for Teacher Aides

Certificated Guided Reading Workshop or Webinar for Teacher Aides and Support Personnel

This course is designed for any individual that works with primary school students either 1 on 1 or in small groups.  The course is highly focused on the structured practice of guided reading and will arm the support teacher with SharpReading's easy to implement reading routines for beginner readers as well as learning our approach to reading for comprehension (approx reading ages of 5 - 10).  We will also look at some useful behaviour management techniques and data collection for these situations and discuss good ways to support students that have got behind or have put up barriers to learning. 

Each participant will receive a SharpReading a course book, a certificate of participation and be given full access to one of our online courses for ongoing fine tuning of their skills.

"We've put our whole school through the online training and found it very easy to follow".

Principal, Rolleston.

ONLiNE Courses


Each course follows the following design
*  Eight units of work
Each unit is 25 minutes of screen time then classroom practice
*  READ - Clear explanations of each learning goal
*  WATCH - Video modelling of the teaching routines
*  HAVE A GO - Classroom practice of what you have learnt

*  FAQs and variables
*  Downloadable 50 page Course Book (easy reference)
*  RESOURCES - Teacher Scripts, planning templates, teaching charts, learning outcomes...everything you need to make this work in your classroom.

Each ONLiNE course is purchased as a 1 User Licence (12 months access via internet)
Get instant access via credit card payment or Pay on Invoice.

Pay on Invoice Option

Don't have access to a school credit card or wish to purchase bulk licences for your school? Enter the details for each teacher and SEND. We will email you an invoice and instructions for accessing the SharpReading course.

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Add a Start-Up Webinar

"The hardest part is making a start" 
We have found that the best way to get started is to commit yourself to an event, and we offer two options, a Start-Up Webinar OR a Start-Up Workshop. 

Start-Up Webinar PLUS ONLiNE Course

Get your training off to a flying start with an introductory webinar (an online workshop).
We have set aside a WEBINAR WEEK during each term.

COST:  $155 + GST NZD   (ONLiNE Course PLUS Webinar)                        
 NB: The Struggling Older Reader $195 + GST (includes $100 resources)

Start-Up Workshop PLUS ONLiNE Course

Get your training off to a flying start with an introductory Workshop (face-to-face). Each term we schedule a round of public workshops in many locations around NZ. Currently we are limited to offering these start-up workshops in NZ only.  

COST:  $195 + GST NZD   (ONLiNE Course PLUS Workshop)  
NB: The Struggling Older Reader $235 + GST (includes $80 resources)  

NZ Workshops for 2022

Registration is available for selected NZ and Australian locations. 

Register NOW

Contact us to organise your own workshop in your school.

The benefits of a Start-Up Workshops

* A day away from the classroom where you can clear your head and focus on your new learning
* Face-to-face interaction with the creators of SharpReading
* Ask your questions to get clarity
* Be included in the modelling of the routines - know what it feels like for the learner
* Practice the routines - get a feel for the teacher role
* Interact with other teachers in training
* A very motivating start to your ONLiNE Course.

SharpReading School-Wide

Become a SharpReading school. This is our specialty ... embedding a consistent teaching model across a school and overseeing the implementation to make sure it gets the results.  Whole school implementation includes

  • Face-to-face workshops (Teacher Only Days) to ensure buy-in from all teachers
  • Clear guidelines and follow up of the ongoing course online training
  • A suggested minimum of two follow-up visits to the school where every teacher gets individualised support in their classroom
  • Identification and training of SharpReading 'champions' within the school who become accredited trainers and take over the training support of staff to ensure the SharpReading approach maintains its integrity and longevity.

Use the form below to start a conversation about how we can meet your needs for whole school adoption of our SharpReading framework for reading instruction.

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