Testimonials from SharpReading Schools

Principals, SharpReading Coaches and Teachers talk about their experiences.

Silverstream School, Wellington, NZ

"I just wanted to give you some feedback around how our experience has been with undertaking Sharp Reading Stage 3 training (for 12 teachers) and Coach training for myself, simultaneously here at Silverstream School.

After our initial 1-day training for Stage 3 in January, it quickly became evident that for the implementation and momentum to keep going we needed to identify someone internally to train as a SR Coach at school to work alongside your organisation and our teachers for us to get the most out of the programme for the ultimate benefit to our children. 

Your In-School support has been a brilliant PD process Hilton. Not only do the teachers get quality personalised feedback and coaching from you, but we have been able to use the sessions for the practical part of my Coach training which has been invaluable.

Observing you Hilton working with the teachers meant that I was able to get a feel for the approach you took in the coaching role and that it was absolutely such a supportive one which made the teachers at ease straight away. It was evident to see that this is key to the teacher's success and confidence in delivering Sharp Reading. It also left me feeling confident to take over that role provisionally until I am accredited as a Sharp Reading Coach. 

I really appreciated the significant support for establishing an ongoing plan for monitoring and supporting teachers in the short and long term. Your timely responses to questions and queries I've had through the year is much appreciated. We love the programme and most importantly have seen significant progress in reading comprehension in our children as the year has progressed.

Once again, thanks for supporting us through this process."

Erin Edmonds, Year 3 Teacher,  SharpReading Coach, Silverstream School    Nov 2022

Spreydon School, Christchurch, New Zealand

Spreydon School began its SharpReading journey in 2014 and became our first accredited SharpReading School in 2017. Click here for a recent case study published in "School News".

Janine Greer and Andrea Barr, also our first accredited SharpReading Trainers, talk about the impact that SharpReading has had on their school.

Glasshouse Christian College, QLD, Australia

We have been working with Shalene for over five years now and she has been very diligent with her implementation of our SharpReading procedures.

Her passion for this approach is quite remarkable and this transfers readily to her students' enthusiasm for reading and the results they achieve. This applies not only to her mainstream students but also "The Struggling Older Readers" that she works with.

She is now an Accredited SharpReading Trainer at Glasshouse Christian College, supporting teachers in the Year 3-6 area of the school.

Nambour Christian College, QLD, Australia

Kylie Baker, Head of Primary, talks about the simplicity of using SharpReading at Nambour Christian College, Qld.

NCC are now an Accredited SharpReading School in their fifth year of SharpReading with three accredited SharpReading Trainers operating in the school to monitor the implementation.

Australian International School, Hong Kong (AISHK)

Cameron Reed, Dean of Studies at AISHK, explains the positive affects that SharpReading has had on their large International School teaching culture for almost 10 years.

Trialling It First

A small groups of teachers and students really enjoyed the initial trial so it was easy to move to a whole school approach.

Int. Teachers

SharpReading is PD that can bring different teachers together and get a common language throughout the school.

The Value

It is great to get what you want as well as a bunch of benefits that you didn't expect.

The Benefits

It saves time.
Theoretically sound.
Easy to manage.
Fits well into our learning culture.

The Peak School Hong Kong

Annette Ainsworth, the Principal, talks about the need to teach reading skills separately from the inquiry program and how SharpReading has done this for their school.

"This is a way we can teach those explicit skills easily..."


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