Workshops and Webinars Speed Up Your Training

Our face-to-face Workshops and Webinars provide fast track training to get you going.
An ideal platform for launching a quality reading program.

Workshops and Webinars Compared

Register for a workshop or webinar at any time. See schedule below.  Prices do not include NZ GST.
All Prices for workshops and Webinars include 12 months access to the corresponding ONLiNE Course. 
NB: The Struggling Older Reader Webinar $195; Workshop $235  as the price includes $100 of essential resources.







4 hours

Webinars: Day or after school

6 hours

Workshops: Day only


Very similar delivery to workshops but with limitations on practices and interaction because of the technology.

More practices, more interaction and a greater focus on individual success with the delivery of the reading routines.


Download the Course Book prior to the webinar.  

Printed Course Book supplied at the workshop.


12 months

You get immediate access upon registration.

12 months

You get access after the workshop.



Webinars will go ahead regardless of numbers OR you will automatically be placed in the next available webinar.

Can be

Workshops are dependant on numbers to make them viable. If cancelled full refunds will be issued.

Webinars 2021

Webinar Weeks are in Week 2 and Week 7 of NZ School terms (during and after school) and also in the NZ holidays.
They are scheduled for NZ and Australian time zones but can be customised to suit any school requirements.

Workshops 2022

If our dates and times don't fit in with your schedule...

Let us Plan a Workshop or Webinar for Your School.
If you are interested in workshops in your area or wish to organise workshops or webinars specifically for your school, then fill in the contact form below. We will contact you within 24 hours (probably sooner).

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