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SharpReading for Teacher Aides

Reading Routines & How to Manage Students

Support Students With Easy to Follow Routines and Techniques

Success occurs because you know what to do and how to do it.

Working with students who have got behind or struggle with learning to read requires robust techniques, a hands on approach and lots of patience. This professional development (PD) which is specifically geared for Teacher Aides gives specific direction on WHAT to teach for varying levels of ability and HOW to teach and meet the needs of individuals or small groups of students. (Reading ages between 5-10)

We will guide Teacher Aides through a routine for beginner readers as well as for reading comprehension so they can decide which one to study in depth using our online training. This PD also includes how to assess students as they read, and how to keep students focused with clever prompt-praise statements.

Teacher Aides will come away from this PD with a course book, access to online training for either 'beginner readers' or 'reading for comprehension' as well as support from us for 12 months.  This gives access to a refined combination of 30 years of teaching experience and also means teacher aides will be sent their own personalised certificate if they complete the online part of this training.

"I didn't expect to learn so much in just one day."

New Plymouth Workshop - 2021

This Training will Give You...

Clear, Concise Step-by-Step Learning

We explain the new learning, provide video models of what it looks like, guide TAs through some practices and support them with scripts to immediately get started with their students.

This is powerful professional learning that has been trialled to ensure success for teacher aides and their students.

A picture of as person running up steps to indicate that we have a step by step approach to learning so you can learn without getting overwhelmed

At-Your-Own-Pace Flexibility

This face to face professional development will immerse teacher aides quickly in our approach to Junior Reading and Reading for Comprehension and sling shot them through the initial units of our online courses.  At the completion of the face to face training they will be able to choose 12 months access to one of the online courses for ongoing training - Reading for Beginning Readers or Reading for Comprehension. Your choice will depend on the area of the school that you work in most.

A picture of a clock to indicate that we give you plenty of time to learn using our online course

Everything is in the Course Book

  • Teaching Scripts support the delivery of the routines. 
  • Templates for data collection are provided and downloadable.
  • 'Do's and Don'ts' Behaviour Management Lists
  • Reading Routines designed to work with any levelled text.
A picture of a book to indicate that we will provide you with the resources you need to teach

Expert Video Samples of the Teaching

Teachers can easily imagine themselves teaching as we show you what to do with real classroom footage. Subtitles and important notes make it very easy to process and adopt our structured routines.

A picture of a movie to indicate we use video samples in our course

A Learning Pathway for your Students

Our reading progression and scope and sequence give specific guidelines for what to teach first and what comes next using any levelled book system. This makes it possible to quickly identify where each student fits and where they should go next.

A picture of road to indicate that we have a learning pathway to developing reading ability

"This has revolutionised my lessons. The kids are calm, settled and focussed. They love the routine because they know exactly what is going to happen on each page."

Stephanie, Year 1 teacher.

Become Super Confident With Your Students

We want support teachers to feel confident about their teaching so we have combined management training, data collection and clear guidance on how to deliver reading lessons.

Armed with this combination of skills Teacher Aides will be able to settle their students faster and get them reading more successfully because they will have clarity. They will know what to do, what to expect and how to react. 

Their confidence will grow with our simple, highly predictable reading routines. This means that for every page of text that their students encounter, they and their students will know exactly what to do, what to say and how to address any reading challenges.

Everyone will experience SUCCESS ... which breeds confidence, excitement and the want to learn and do more.

What is the Registration Process?

At present this day of training is only delivered as a Workshop or a Webinar.

First decide on how to learn - in a Workshop or a Webinar.

Webinar and Workshop content for the "Teacher Aides Course" is the same. The course books are the same and you are given access to the same free resources and materials. 

The webinars are more regular and give you more flexibility while the workshops give much better face to face interaction.

Then click the 'REGISTER NOW' link

The 'Register Now' link will take you to our Webinars and Workshops registration page.  There you will find lists of all the places of our upcoming workshops and dates for upcoming webinars.  The links will take you to an online form to fill out.  Remember to push SUBMIT once you have entered your details into the online form.

If you register for a WORKSHOP

You will be sent a confirmation email letting you know that you have successfully registered, the date, time and place of the workshop and what you need to bring.

If you register for a WEBINAR

You (or the teacher aide your register) will be sent a confirmation email letting you know that you have successfully registered.  It will include a link to join the webinar,  how to use Zoom and the time to connect.  You will be sent access to a digital course book straight away.

Then wait to attend your WORKSHOP or WEBINAR

Remember to put the date and time in your calendar once your registration has been confirmed.

AFTERWARDS - the online course

At the end of your workshop or webinar you will be asked whether you want to focus on the Beginner Reader (Stages 1&2) or Reading for Comprehension (Stage 3).  You will then be given full access to the online material for the Stage you choose. This will enable you to learn all of the fine details of delivery and have access to the videos and material for 12 months.

Course Writers - Your Tutors

Hilton Ayrey

Picture of Hilton Ayery one of the SharpReading Directors

'Teaching Reading for the Beginner Reader' is our attempt to create an efficient routine for those daily 10-12 minute guided reading lessons. It has been formulated after hundreds of hours observing trainees and experienced teachers implementing guided reading lessons in the first three years of schooling.

Although this PD is stand-alone training we are always available to discuss workshops and team teaching directly in your school with your teacher aides and teachers so the whole school can benefit from our approach at the same time.

Brian Parker

Picture of Brian Parker one of the SharpReading Directors

Teaching Reading for Teacher Aides

I'm Ready To Register for a Workshop or a Webinar

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Remember you will be sent a confirmation email straight away.  If it doesn't come then please check your junk / spam folder as it might be there.

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