StoryBytes and InfoBytes for SEVENPLUS

"Where can I find the resources for SEVENPLUS?"

For those of you who have purchased the SevenPlus manual from Chuck Marriott (co-writer of SevenPlus), here are the resources that are referred to in that manual for the running of the SevenPlus program.

We have taken some of our existing StoryBytes and InfoBytes (originally written as texts for comprehension lessons) and reformatted them to meet the specific needs of the SevenPlus lesson routine.

This Resource Pack includes all you need for a 8-10 week intervention including the Screening Tests.

The SEVENPLUS Resource Pack

Student texts plus screening tests

SevenPlus Resource Pack
1 User Licence

Personal use only
$59.00  NZ
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SevenPlus Resource Pack
School Licence

Unlimited use within school
$179.00  NZ
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SevenPlus Resource Pack is Included in the ONLiNE Course

All of these recourses (and more) are included when you purchase the Struggling Older ONLiNE Course.
Please note this is a 1 User Licence.

COST: $139 NZD (1 User Licence)

This price includes

  • 12 months access to the ONLiNE training Course 
  • All of the StoryBytes and InfoBytes for SevenPlus listed above (1 User Licence)
  • The SevenPLus Manual (supplied by Chuck Marriott)
  • Additional resources for "The 5 Bits Routine" - Part 2 of our course which transitions the reader from the SevenPlus Intervention back into a 'normal' guided reading routine

CLICK HERE for more information about 'Helping the Struggling Older Reader.'


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