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"A great training day. So practical...can't wait to get back to my classroom and SHARPen up my kids."

"I love how manageable you have made reading instruction! I have such a clear picture in my head of what my programme should look like!"


Very practical, 'ready to teach the next day' workshops get you started with our approach to reading instruction. 

Our pedagogy is based on keeping it SIMPLE and ensuring that students always experience SUCCESS. It takes time to HABITUALISE reading strategies so there must be systems in place to allow this to happen. And the outcome must be student AUTONOMY. How do we do that? Through structured ROUTINES and a simple developmental learning PROGRESSION. That's SHARP!

School PD - alternatively we come to you for whole school training, a start-up workshop, in-classroom coaching and ongoing training of your own in-school trainers to make sure the implementation is right and you get the very best outcomes. 

AND it gets results ... check out the data!

ONLiNE Training

SharpReading ONLiNE means your professional learning is just a click away. 

We walk you through the theoretical background and show you annotated video of the teaching routines in action in the classroom. Go away and have a go. Come back with fresh eyes and see what you missed. 

We also provide ONLiNE Follow-up to all our workshops so that you can revisit the video clips to continue you learning well after the initial training. 

Discounts available on purchase of bulk licenses. More....

"Learning at my own pace in my own time really works for me. The ONLiNE learning progression is really clear and and I can download everything I need. Email support is always available."

"These stories are the best thing. Kids love them. I wouldn't be without them in my reading programme."

SHARP Stories for your Reading Lessons

Our focus is on reading ages from 7-16 and we are adding to our collections of fiction and non fiction; carefully written, high impact text to get the most out of those so important guided reading lessons.

Check out our StoryBytesShort StoriesInfoBytesInformation Reports all with follow up activities based on Bloom's Taxonomy to develop independent after reading comprehension skills.

SHARP Assessment

Our Informal Prose Inventory is specifically for those students who have had a couple of years instruction and are beyond the emergent reading phase. There is a running record component which allows you to check their decoding strategies, a retell section so you can check their ability to process and hold onto the content and Q&A. Tests are from RA 6-15yrs.

Provides that all important insight into whether your students are really processing text or just efficient decoders.

"I have been using these tests for years. I try other things but always end up coming back to IPI because it gives me the best data on my kids."

Teacher Testimonials

"As a Curriculum leader in a variety of schools I have been working with the SharpReading program and products for a number of years. I have been really impressed with all aspects of SharpReading."

Tracey Shields
Coolum Beach Christian College, QLD

"SharpReading has been an essential part of our school reading programme for 2 years. I can’t believe how good the Year 3 and 4 students are at unpacking sentences. Their ability to really process and think about what the sentence is saying is so good!"

Andrea Barr
Spreydon School, Christchurch

"Thank you SharpReading for StoryBytes! These resources are becoming a big part of my reading programme. The stories are just the right length with lots of interesting vocabulary and ideas - my readers love them and we all look forward to a new story every week."

Charlotte Reid
Otonga School


Achievement Data from 2017
We are always looking for data that backs up what we KNOW is happening in schools that have adopted a SharpReading approach to instruction. If you have some 2017 data tucked away please share it with us!

Thank you to Ashburton Intermediate for sharing their results from 2017. Congratulations on making a significant difference!

Join our SharpReading Network. Keep in touch with what we are doing.

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