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Consolidate Your Reading Program

Get All Your Teachers on the Same Page

Get Great Results - Motivated Students - Delighted Teachers
Are you looking for something that is going to boost reading achievement in your school and provide your staff with a consistent school-wide approach to reading instruction?

SharpReading School-Wide is the result of overseeing the school-wide implementation of our approach to reading instruction in many schools over the last 10 years. We have well developed systems that lead to quality management of your whole school reading program. We offer a personalised service which we can always customise to meet your unique circumstances.

SharpReading School-Wide Gives You...

A Common Language Across the School

This is a huge bonus....consistency, consistency, consistency.
Principals, teachers, students, parents and caregivers all benefit from a simple, transparent approach to reading instruction. There are no surprises. What happens in reading is replicated across the school.

Quality Training from Highly Qualified Constultants

The result of hundreds of hours of listening, trialling, researching, and development has lead to training options and support for your teachers that are second to none.

  • Face-to-face start-up workshops or online webinars provide the best possible opportunity for buy-in from teachers who might have a conflicting range of teaching philosophies and experience.

  • ONLiNE video tutorials and resources provide all the ongoing support your teachers need for quick reviews, content checking, and moving on to mastery.

  • One-on-one, personalised in-class coaching makes sure that every teacher gets support so that they can own these new teaching routines and feel confident and successful and with their unique class of students. We also offer Virtual Observations and Feedback which can make the delivery more flexible.

  • Identification and training of coaches within your school ensures that the credibility of the program is maintained and gives you longevity for your PD investment.

FLEXIBILITY - we can customise our delivery to your school based on your needs and your budget. This includes remote or virtual PD delivery options.

A 'Best Practice' Way of Teaching

SharpReading takes care of 'What do I teach' and 'How do I teach it.' 
Our structured teaching routines mean that your beginning teachers through to your most experienced can quickly function at a high level of competence. Teacher aides can also undertaking teaching roles that would normally be beyond their capability

A Clear Progression for Learning

School-wide everyone knows where they are heading.
Next steps learning can be easily identified through simple data collection and students can be placed where their needs can be best met from phonics through to critical thinking using our Developmental Progression and Scope and Sequence.


SharpReading routines generate noticeable changes in student focus, as much as 40% more engagement!


80% of SharpReading Schools report significant improvement in reading ability and achievement.


50% reduction in planning and assessment workloads means lots of confident, smiling teachers.

"From the moment it was first introduced, we have never regretted engaging in the SHARP Reading programme. Our teaching staff have found it meaningful and easy to implement."

Steve Frost, Hillview Principal

Spreydon School, Christchurch, New Zealand

Janine Greer and Andrea Barr, accredited SharpReading Trainers, talk about the impact that SharpReading has had on their school.   Click here for a recent case study published in "School News".

"The children are so routined...they are thinking about what they are reading...they want to learn to read. Each year we are seeing an increase in the number of students who are achieving at or above the National Standards in reading."

Nambour Christian College, QLD, Australia

Kylie Baker, Primary Teaching and Learning Coordinator, talks about introducing SharpReading at NCC.

"Love the simplicity of the routines ... Teachers are very clear about what they need to do ... our data shows good growth and just listening to the students shows me they are thinking more deeply [about what they are reading]."
"The biggest plus was having the experts coming in to do the coaching in the school."

What does SharpReading School-Wide look like?

STEP 1: TOD Start-Up Webinar or Workshop

Are you ready to make a start? 
You have three options

  • Register your teachers for one of our scheduled Public Webinars

  • Contact us and arrange customised Start-Up Webinars for your school at a date and time that suits you.

  • Book a Start-Up Workshop at your school (Teacher Only Day)

In our 'Start-Ups,' we will quickly establish the rationale behind our approach to reading instruction to get buy-in from your staff, and then teach, inspire, and enthuse you all with the practical application of our guided reading routines.  

Everyone will have the understanding and the resources at their fingertips to be able to make a start the very next day - NE to Year 8 (NZ) or Prep-Year 6 (AU). 

STEP 2: Complete ONLiNE Courses

We are always there for you.
The workshop provides an introduction to the new learning, enough for the teacher to make a start in their classroom the next day.

The ONLiNE Course provides eight carefully structured units with annotated viedo models of all the teaching to help teachers consolidate the new skills and achieve teacher competence and accreditation as a SharpReading teacher. Each teacher has access to their personalised online course for 12 months and 24/7 email support.

STEP 3: In-School Support

Get us into your school! 
The most significant impact we can have is personal one-on-one support for your teachers with the 'experts'.

Schedule a visit to your school. We will spend 45 minute sessions with each of your teachers.
The session will include some or all of the following depending on the needs of the teacher.

  • Modelling the correct implementation of the routine(s)

  • Observe and give feedback in a VERY non threatening way

  • Problem solve any issues with managing, organising groups and students

  • Help teachers identify their own next learning steps.

    Often heard feedback:  "Best PD ever!"

Virtual Observation - Distance or cost an issue?
We can do all of this virtually making this option available to everyone anywhere.

STEP 4: Train the Coach

Develop in-school expertise to become independent. 

You can now combine this with Step 3 for just an extra $250 NZD (the cost of an Coach ONLiNE Course).

Identify SharpReading 'Champions' within the school and they can complete the practical component of their training during an In-School Support visit.

This enables the school to maintain the momentum and the integrity of the program over time.

CLICK HERE for more information about SharpReading Coach training.


As teacher trainers, the thing we value most is the relationships that we establish with our SharpReading Schools and the role we play in empowering teachers to be SHARP with their reading instruction.

Having cut our teeth on a decade of nurturing beginning teachers through a very rigorous and personally demanding teacher training program at NZGSE, we are well aware of the personal challenges that teachers face when confronted with change.

  • Which is why our initial workshops are full of practical opportunities so that teachers walk away with "I can do this". 
  • Which is why we believe the most important part of the training we offer is the time we spend one-on-one with teachers in their classrooms sharing the challenges that they face with their students and problem solving solutions.
  • Which is why we will commit ourselves to a two year development program at your school and make sure that by the end of that time, the in-school coaches we train have all the skills they need to take on the difficult task of coaching their peers.
  • Which is why we offer 24/7 email support to help you navigate any queries or difficulties that may arise.

"The SharpReading Training model is an extremely effective way of implementing a whole school pedagogical approach to reading"

Fiona Johnstone (Principal - Shen Wai International School, China)

Make a Booking for 2024

 LEARN MORE about the specific details and the costs.

If you are ready to make a booking for your school based on the information above, fill in the details and any other information that you think is relevant. Make a request for a Start-Up date and we will put together a quote that suits your specific needs and budget.

Want to discuss this further? Give us a call +64 (0)27 357 2573.

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FAQs for School-Wide PD

When can we start SharpReading School-Wide?

Anytime during the year. Contact us to book a starting event (Start-up TOD or Webinars). Available days at the beginning of the school year are usually snapped up quickly so be quick to avoid disappointment.

Do you require prepayment for SharpReading School-Wide?

We will invoice you for Steps 1&2 at the completion of the Start-Up Webinars or Workshops. The same applies to each of the following training components - you will be invoiced after the event. If there are significant travel costs we may require prepayment of these once you have committed to each next step.  

What will SharpReading School-Wide look like in the classrooms?

If you or your teachers are already running guided reading rotations nothing will change. There will not need to be organisational upheavals. The difference will be in the way the groups are run.

What is the recommended frequency of SharpReading Guided Reading lessons and how long do they last for?

Once again, we would expect you to continue with whatever is currently happening in your classroom reading group rotations.  In junior classrooms (Years 1&2) it is usual for teachers to run 10-12 minute lessons and attempt to see all or most groups each day. Our Stages 1&2 routine is designed to make that possible.

In Years 3-8, where most students would be working on Stage 3, we would recommend that lessons be scheduled for 25-30 minutes. Students who are at or above their chronological age would be seen at least once a week (more if possible). Students who have a reading age below their chronological age need more regular contact and a different approach - we have that covered!

Do we have to commit to all the STEPS in the PD plan?

No. You can make a start with Steps 1&2 - the Start-Up Webinar or Workshop and the ONLiNE Courses. Or you can opt to make a start with Stage 3: Comprehension in your Year 3-6 classes.

This gives you a chance to evaluate the program in your school before committing to the In-School Follow-up days (Step 3 and beyond).


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