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Virtual In-School Support

Become an Accredited SharpReading Teacher

Getting Feedback on Your SharpReading Teaching Just Got Easier

Those of you who have experienced our In-Class Coaching know that our Observation and Feedback model WORKS! 

It is very non-threatening, based on observable data collection, and allows you to identify your own Next Steps towards getting the very most out of these powerful teaching and learning routines.

However, getting access to this is dependant on your school setting in place whole school implementation to get us physically present in your school.

Now, through Virtual In-School Support, this process is available to you at the flick of a switch, anywhere, anytime.


Request a Virtual Feedback session with us. We will send you a set of very simple instructions, a customised upload link for your video, and an invoice.


Here is what you need

1. An iPhone / iPad or similar device on a stand.

2. A quiet teaching space - a breakout room or a school board room.
We need to be able to hear you and the students clearly so we recommend a set-up as shown in the illustration. Usually the microphone on your device will be sufficient, but get the recording device as close to the action as possible and encourage your students NOT to mumble.


When the lesson is over, click on the download link we have sent you and wait for the file to upload...ALL DONE.

Your video file is secure and will only be viewed by your designated SharpReading consultant.


1. An Observation Sheet

We will view your lesson and collect data on the lesson indicators we have provided for you - COMPETENCE and FLUENCY indicators. 

2. Zoom Feedback

We will arrange a 30 minute Zoom meeting at your convenience where we discuss your lesson and help you identify your own next steps.

3. Towards Accreditation

You get a clear indication of where you are at and what you have to do to achieve Accreditation for that SharpReading Stage.

What Will This Cost?

COST: $150 NZD (+GST for NZ schools) per lesson submitted.  $140 AUD

Request Virtual Support

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