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SharpPhonics ONLiNE Course

An Easy Start to Teaching Phonics

Get the Routines and Resources to
Quickly Develop your Confidence with Teaching Phonics.

This course is for teachers and support staff who need an entry level course to kick-start a phonics program.  If you want to know what sounds to teach first, how to teach teach those sounds and how to get your students to read and write them, then this is the phonics course for you. 

We give you an easy to follow routine to teach the sounds and then a second routine that shows you how to get your students to put those sounds together to form three letter words. Together these routines set you up with a solid base on which to grow a healthy phonics program.

These 15 minute phonics routines will become a fantastic addition to your reading program.

What do I Get with this Course?

1. Twelve months access to the ONLiNE course

  • Flexible learning - In-your-own-time, at-your-own- pace OR do it all at once.

  • Come back regularly to review and consolidate your understanding

2. Everything you need is included

  • Teaching Scripts support your delivery of the routines.

  • Letter and Picture Flash Cards to download and use in your lessons.

  • Downloadable Course Book - an at-your-fingertips reference for the classroom.

3. A Well-Thought out Training Methodology - We want you to succeed!

We show you exactly what teaching phonics is like, either in a small group or with a whole class, with real classroom footage. Subtitles and important notes make it very easy for you to process and adopt the structured phonics routines.

  • READ /LISTEN TO - Clear explanations of each learning goal

  • WATCH - annotated video modelling of the teaching expectation

  • HAVE A GO - go away and practise what you have learnt on your class


  • Can't find an answer? - Email support  24/7

4. Clear, Easily Managed Learning Steps for YOU

SharpPhonics has 4 units and each unit is a nice self-contained piece of learning.

  • We give you clear guidance on what sounds and letters to teach first and what comes next in 7 incremental stages.

  • An explanation of each of the stages, how long it takes to work through each stage and what you need.

  • Assessment tools so you can pinpoint what your students have learned and what will have to be reviewed.

The content and the delivery have been trialed and tested over many years by phonics specialists at Yolanda Soryl Literacy.

UNIT 1: Getting Ready - Learning the sounds - Preparing the resources

UNIT 2: Teach students to sound, read, write the initial sounds (Stage 2)

UNIT 3: CVC Words (Stage 4)

Teach students to make 3 letter words

UNIT 4: Where to Next?

Build your phonics program and connect to Guided Reading

Certificate of Completion

Download a customised certificate as proof of your participation in this course.

5. Confidence

When you teach your first lesson your students will respond quickly to the structure of the phonics routines. They will say the right sounds and words and begin to read and write letters before your eyes. Student success breeds a cycle of confidence for all involved.

"It's great to be able to learn the sounds properly, practice in a safe way and then go and teach."

Teacher Feedback - Napier

"So nice to have all the resources you need to get started included in this course."

Workshop Feedback, Invercargill.

A Routine You Can Rely On

Being confident in what you are teaching is a very gratifying feeling. It comes from knowing what you are doing, why you are doing it, and having a regular routine that you can rely on.  Teaching phonics is now expected in every junior classroom and needs a solid well tested approach to provide this confidence.

Our approach to teaching phonics has been used extensively throughout New Zealand classrooms as it is easy to pick up and replicate to become a solid part of your daily literacy program. Its a structure you can rely on.

Within days you will be able to teach our phonics routine.  If you are ever unsure you can contact us at any time to access our knowledge and experience.


Working online means you can
start the course at any time.


Access to students for practice is desirable.
Some computer skills and Internet access needed.
You will need mini white boards and pens for each child.


"A perfect course for teachers who have never taught phonics before or for a school looking for an easy way to get everyone working on the same phonics programme ."

A Brief Description of SharpPhonics

Listen to Brian talk about our approach to teaching phonics, the flashcards and how the course works.

Course Writers - Your Tutors

Yolanda Soryl

This training programme is the result of a collaboration with Yolanda Soryl Literacy (a very well know NZ phonics consultancy) and SharpReading. 

Yolanda has had twenty-eight years of classroom teaching in New Zealand and the UK and is a recognized specialist in her field. She is an ‘Advanced Skills Teacher’, a Reading Recovery teacher and an itinerant teacher working with children with Special Needs. She also trained in First Steps and Multilit.

Brian Parker

Brian has been involved in education for 30 years as a teacher, teacher trainer and international education consultant. Over the last 10 years he has worked with specialists like Yolanda, to produce educational training in a clear step by step format. The aim is to enable teachers with new skills and practice withing hours of starting a course.


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