Teach Comprehension

Critical Thinking - Analysing Text

SharpReading Stage 5 ONLiNE Course 

Rationale for this Course

This course introduces 'Big Picture' (Text Level) Comprehension and builds on the work done in Stages 3 and 4 at the sentence level.
Stages 3 and 4 focussed on the accurate construction of meaning in sentences as understanding the text message is a prerequisite to any attempt at critical literacy.

Now we want to build 'big picture' or text-level comprehension. As always the point of difference is that we develop the use of these skills WHILE the reader is reading to further develop the ACTIVE reading mind.

Identifying or analysing text features help readers locate and organise information in the text and hold onto it. This processing results in transference to long-term memory which makes it available for retrieval in later learning.

PREREQUISITE For STAGE 5: Stages 3 and 4

What do I get for Stage 5?

UNIT 1: Stage 5A - Analyse Fiction (Narrative) Text

Teaching students story structure—how to identify the structural components of a text and how those different elements interact. To be able to pull it apart and see how it works then makes it possible to evaluate the writing (Stage 6). 

UNIT 2: Stage 5B - Analyse Non Fiction (Expository) Text

Encouraging students to summarise text using Headings and Trigger Words provides them with important tools for the accurate processing and storage of information.

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  1. Stage 5 ONLiNE Course
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  1. Stage 5 ONLiNE Course
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