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Introducing the first of our Chapter Books, longer, high interest stories that can be used in a variety of ways in the instructional reading programme - serial story (class read aloud), novel study, guided reading lesson one chapter at a time - or purchased by the individual just for a good read.

GNOME WORLD : The Evans Street Attacks

The garden gnomes of Evans Street are great friends! They meet together every night to have fun! But when their happy and peaceful way of life is threatened, they are forced to stand up for themselves. Mondo must set out on a journey to find the Old Gnome and enlist his help.

Meanwhile, the humans of Evans Street have a totally different idea of what is going on in their neighbourhood . . .

Choose the level of difficulty that suits your needs:
SharpReading Level 3 -  RA 8.5-9 yrs    SharpReading Level 7 -  RA 12-13 yrs   

CLICK HERE to download Level 3: Chapter 1 PREVIEW
CLICK HERE to download Level 7: Chapter 1 PREVIEW

Special Features:
* Available at two levels of difficulty - RA 8.5-9 yrs and RA 12-13 yrs
* AudioBook available for Level 3 RA 8.5-9 yrs
* Follow-up activities after each chapter to encourage after reading comprehension strategies
* Available as A4 ebook (1 User or School Licence) or A5 Hard copy - discounted price on class sets of 10
* Teaching Notes: Scroll down the page for suggestions about how you can use these resources in your reading programme.

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Level 3 eBook

RA 8.5-9

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Level 7 eBook

RA 12-13

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GnomeWorld: The Evans Street Attacks AUDIOBOOK (Level 3)
This can also be purchased as an audio book narrated by the author Rose Gregory.  

PREVIEW Level 3: Chapter 1 AUDIO 
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This delightful story can be used in many different ways in the classroom.

Guided Reading lessons with a group
The chapter lengths vary from 400-800 words which makes each chapter about a possible Guided Reading lesson. The follow-up activities provide students with opportunities to revise the text after the lesson and develop those after reading comprehension skills.

Class Read-Aloud
Make this your class chapter Book and read a chapter a day. You have two levels to choose from which gives you some options depending on the overall ability of your students.

Once again the follow-up activities provide you with independent work for your class while you are taking guided reading lessons with ability groups.

Whole Class Novel Study
A slightly different emphasis from the previous option (Class Read Aloud) but a more rigorous approach to developing after Reading Comprehension Skills.

If you have used our other resources (Short Stories and Information Reports) you will be familiar with my approach to After Reading Comprehension activities based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

These activities provide you and your students with high quality after reading independent work activities which are essential for a reading programme that is built around reading rotations (small ability group guided reading lessons).

This does require some set-up if you want to get quality work and strong engagement from your students. I have provided chapter related activities and some which are accumulative. I suggest that students have their own work book or journal where they record the activity and their response each day.


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