We are always looking for data that backs up what we KNOW is happening in schools that have adopted a SharpReading approach to instruction. If you have some significant data tucked away please share it with us and everyone else!

Al Hidayah Islamic School, Bentley, Western Australia

SharpReading has been a part of the reading programme at this school for 18 months. This data comes from Naplan testing for 2018 and 2016. At first glance the Year 5 data for 2018 is low as many of the students are below the national mean (509). 

However, when analysed using their Year 3 reading scores to measure the progress of the cohort over the 2 year period, it can be seen that most of these students (75%) are over the 0.8 effect size (expected growth over a 2 year period). This indicates strong progress and improvement which the school attributes to the SharpReading approach to reading being implemented.

CLICK HERE to view a video clip from the school's Facebook page about SharpReading.

Ashburton Intermediate 2017

Thank you to Ashburton Intermediate for sharing their results from 2017. Congratulations on making a significant difference!

"To evaluate the effectiveness of the programme, the current Year 7 students (2017) are being tracked over 2 years. The STAR Reading Test* has been chosen to measure progress. The entry data is based on Year 7 Stanines and the end of year data is based on Year 8 Stanines. As you can see the movement shown is significant! We are VERY excited about the progress we have made so far."

*STAR reading tests are standardised assessment tools, designed to supplement the assessments that teachers make about their students' progress and achievement in reading. They cover a range of reading skills corresponding closely to the main components outlined in The Literacy Learning Progressions (NZ Ministry of Education, 2010). 

Linwood Avenue School, Christchurch 2016

Report on the SharpReading Initiative: Linwood Avenue School, Christchurch, Year 3&4 classes .
By Tracey Jongens, RTLB  2016  (click on image to view PDF of the report).

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Here is a summary of Naplan Test results in reading from two of our SharpReading schools on the Sunshine Coast. After trialling SharpReading in 2014 and noticing significant spikes in assessment data, the programme was introduced school-wide and is now well embedded in the reading programmes of both schools.

Burwood School, Christchurch 2010

In 2010 we were invited to assess the year 3-6 classes before the introduction of SharpReading and again 8 months into the implementation. We used our Informal Prose Inventory which takes into account decoding accuracy, retell ability and responses to questions to determine the reader's instructional reading age. This data here is from one of the Year 3 classes and was typical of classroom results across the school. After 8 months of instruction, the AVERAGE increase in instructional reading age was 2.31 years with 8 out of the 27 (30%) of the class making gains of 3+ years.


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