Teaching Reading Comprehension

Stage 3 ONLiNE Course

Transform Your Readers into GREAT Comprehenders

Use Clear, Simple Reading Routines that Engage, Invigorate and Motivate Learning.
Develop Active Reading Habits.

This course 'Teaching Reading Comprehension' is for teachers wanting a better understanding of how to move their readers from 'reading fast' to 'reading fast AND understanding what they are reading while they are reading'. This transition into the active reading of the good comprehender is the hallmark of a truly competent reader. For most students the skill of reading with comprehension is something that must be taught.

If you are a beginning teacher, then having a 'how to teach' and 'what to teach' approach for reading comprehension is a godsend - a great foundation to build upon. For experienced teachers this course could be a game changer, something that will totally revitalise your approach to comprehension.

Our longest running reading course, this approach to reading comprehension has been extensively researched with over a 1000 hours of classroom trials and consultations with teachers. The result is a user-friendly guided reading routine that has a proven track record for producing great achievement data. 

A Core Component of a Quality Reading Program

"So enlightening. Less is more. Removes obsolete planning! Can't wait to try it."

Literacy Symposium Feedback

This Course Gives You...

Clear, Concise Step-by-Step Learning

Each of our 8 units is a nice self-contained piece of learning. We explain the new learning, provide video models of what it looks like, guide you through some practices and send you off with Teacher Scripts and resources to have a go with your reading groups. Complete a couple of lessons and then come back and work through the unit review ... DONE! 

This is powerful professional learning for you. The content and the delivery has been trialled to ensure the pace and the release of information works for the busy classroom teacher. 

At-Your-Own-Pace Flexibility

Twelve months access to the course means you can plan to hit it hard in a short space of time or adopt a more measured approach and take your time mastering each step.

WEBINARS and WORKSHOPS - For those that want to get immersed quickly, then our start-up workshops and webinars will sling shot you through the first 4 units of the online course. Be ready to start our approach to reading comprehension the next day.

Everything You Need is Included

  • Teaching Scripts support your delivery of the routine.
  • Levelled text and Powerpoints to get you through your first lessons.
  • Templates for planning and data collection are all provided. 
  • Downloadable Course Book - an at-your-fingertips reference for the classroom.

Expert Video Models of the Teaching

We put you in the driver's seat as we show you what to do with real classroom footage. Subtitles and important notes make it very easy for you to process and adopt our structured routine for reading comprehension.

We are continually being told that these video models are what makes this training a winner.

A Learning Pathway for your Students

We give you specific guidelines for what you should teach and what comes next. Quickly identify where each of your students fit and where they should go next using our school-wide Developmental Progression and Scope and Sequence. 

A person running up steps to indicate that we have a step by step approach to developing reading ability


One of the most commented upon outcomes of Stage 3 is the impact it has on the learners. Teachers get very excited when they see and hear their students digging into text and getting so much more out of the language that the author has used.

A person running up steps to indicate that we have a step by step approach to developing reading ability

"I have literally seen my able readers, and my not so able readers, come alive using this approach. The other day we were preparing for camp and they asked, 'Are we going to be doing SharpReading on camp?' "

Irene, Year 5 Teacher

Become a Super Confident Teacher of Comprehension

Being confident in what you are teaching is a very gratifying feeling. It comes from knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it, and having a regular reading routine that gets it done. As our curriculum keeps getting more complex and dense it becomes increasingly important to have that sort of assurance.

Our approach to reading comprehension will give you confidence with your reading program. The ONLiNE Course sets you up for success. No more guesswork or uncertainty about what you should be doing and how to do it.

As one SharpReading teacher said, "Every day I wake up knowing exactly what I will be doing for reading. I wish the rest of my day was like that."

The course requirements are not arduous. Know that if you get stuck you can contact us at any time to access our knowledge and experience.

Course Overview

Start your course at any time – all year round.


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Each unit requires 45 minutes of reading and processing time.



Each unit requires some classroom practice. Allow for 1 unit per week. 

8 weeks


Video examples showing you how to teach and improve the reading routine.



12 months access. Plenty of time to review your new learning.

12 months


Working online means you can
start the course at any time.


Access to students for practice is desirable.
Some computer skills and Internet access needed.
Stages 1&2 are NOT a prerequisite.

Teachers Talk About Teaching Reading Comprehension

"I love the simplicity of the system...a step by step process. The kids are really into it. They engage really well with it."

Course Writers - Your Tutors

Hilton Ayrey

We are very passionate about teaching reading and we are always looking for ways to make reading programs easier and more enjoyable. It has to work for students AND the teacher.

Guided Reading for Comprehension is our longest running ONLiNE Course. It was the starting point for SharpReading and the result of many many hours of trial and error to come up with a way of teaching comprehension that works and gets great results.

Brian Parker

Although the course is stand-alone training we are always available to discuss your training during your 12 months access to the Stage 3 ONLiNE Course. For face-to-face introductions you can register for our webinars and workshops and also negotiate in-school support.


Unit 1 - Getting Started with Teaching Reading Comprehension
Unit 2 - Learning how to Unpack Sentences with our comprehension strategy
Unit 4 - A closer look at Step 4 - Convince Me
Unit 5 - How to collect reading comprehension data
Unit 6 - How to teach the whole class reading comprehension
When you have finished the course you will get a Certificate of Completion


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