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Teaching Reading Comprehension

Stage 3 ONLiNE Course

What Your Readers Need to Become GREAT Comprehenders

  • Start by Developing Initial Comprehension Skills and Active Reading Habits.

  • Practise with Simple Reading Routines to Engage, Invigorate and Motivate reading.

  • Add metacognitive Comprehension Strategies for higher order comprehension challenges.

This course 'Teaching Reading Comprehension' is for teachers wanting a better understanding of the comprehension process and a simple but powerful process for developing that ability in their learners.

A Point of Difference?
Most comprehension instruction revolves around teaching a multitude of Comprehension Strategies, but the research and our own personal experience tells us that this is NOT NECESSARILY the starting point.

The Missing Step
From birth our learners have been building a sophisticated understanding of oral language and how it works. They intuitively use their knowledge of the world, vocabulary, language structure, and inference to construct meaning from the oral language that they are exposed to. Much of this occurs automatically thanks to our remarkable brains.

NOW that they are being confronted with written language, they must learn to transfer this automatic skill set into written text. There is much that we can do to facilitate that skill development (SharpReading Stage 3)  BEFORE we worry about introducing metacognitive comprehension strategies (SharpReading Stages 4-6) that are designed to provide tools of choice to unlock complex comprehension challenges..

The following quote identifies the benefits of strategy instruction, BUT also suggests that there is an automatic skill set that can be worked on and developed.

"Good evidence suggests that important aspects of reading comprehension and inference generation happen automatically .... but readers can also deploy strategies to support comprehension. 
Cook, Anne E., and Edward J. O'Brien. "Passive activation and instantiation of inferences during reading." (2015).

CLICK HERE for an in-depth look at the theory and research behind "Teaching Reading Comprehension."

SharpReading Stage 3 is the starting point for a PROFOUNDLY different approach to comprehension instruction.  
We provide you with the knowledge and the teaching routine you need to develop the initial skill set that the reader needs BEFORE embarking on the metacognitive use of strategies (Stages 4&5).

"Very motivating, the kids LOVE it. Teachers have real clarity and greatly reduced preparation time."

"Good evidence suggests that important aspects of reading comprehension and inference generation happen automatically, but readers can also deploy strategies to support comprehension
Cook & O’Brien, 2015

Who is this course for?

If you are a beginning teacher, then having a 'how to teach' and 'what to teach' approach for reading comprehension is a godsend - a great foundation to build upon. 

For experienced teachers this course could be a game changer, something that will totally revitalise your approach to comprehension.

Our longest running reading course, this approach to reading comprehension has been extensively researched with over a 1000 hours of classroom trials and consultations with teachers. The result is a user-friendly guided reading routine that has a proven track record for producing great achievement data.

This Course Gives You...

Clear, Concise Step-by-Step Learning

Each of our 8 units is a nice self-contained piece of learning. We explain the new learning, provide video models of what it looks like, and set you up for your own classroom practice All teaching templates and some text resources are all included. Complete a couple of lessons and then come back and work through the unit review ... DONE! 

Alternatively, work through all of the units and get the full overview before transferring your learning into the classroom.

This is powerful professional learning for you. The content and the delivery has been trialled to ensure the pace and the release of information works for the busy classroom teacher. 

At-Your-Own-Pace Flexibility

Twelve months access to the course means you can plan to hit it hard in a short space of time or adopt a more measured approach and take your time mastering each step.

START-UP WEBINARS provide additional support for those that want to get immersed quickly. We will sling-shot you through the first 4 units of the online course and have you upskilled and ready to start our approach to reading comprehension the next day.

Everything You Need is Included

  • Teaching Scripts support your delivery of the routine.
  • Levelled text and Powerpoints to get you through your first lessons.
  • Templates for planning and data collection are all provided. 
  • Downloadable Course Book - an at-your-fingertips reference for the classroom.

Expert Video Models of the Teaching

We put you in the driver's seat as we show you what to do with real classroom footage. Subtitles and important notes make it very easy for you to process and adopt our structured routine for reading comprehension.

We are continually being told that these video models are what makes this training a winner.

A Learning Pathway for your Students

We give you specific guidelines for what you should teach and what comes next. Quickly identify where each of your students fit and where they should go next using our school-wide Developmental Progression and Scope and Sequence

A person running up steps to indicate that we have a step by step approach to developing reading ability


One of the most commented upon outcomes of Stage 3 is the impact it has on the learners. Teachers get very excited when they see and hear their students digging into text and getting so much more out of the language that the author has used.

A person running up steps to indicate that we have a step by step approach to developing reading ability

"I have literally seen my able readers, and my not so able readers, come alive using this approach. The other day we were preparing for camp and they asked, 'Are we going to be doing SharpReading on camp?' "

Irene, Year 5 Teacher

Become a Super Confident Teacher of Comprehension

Being confident in what you are teaching is a very gratifying feeling. It comes from knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it, and having a regular reading routine that gets it done. As our curriculum keeps getting more complex and dense it becomes increasingly important to have that sort of assurance.

Our approach to reading comprehension will give you confidence with your reading program. The ONLiNE Course sets you up for success. No more guesswork or uncertainty about what you should be doing and how to do it.

As one SharpReading teacher said, "Every day I wake up knowing exactly what I will be doing for reading. I wish the rest of my day was like that."

The course requirements are not arduous. Know that if you get stuck you can contact us at any time to access our knowledge and experience.

Course Overview

Start your course at any time – all year round.


GST will be added to NZ purchases.



Each unit requires approx 45 minutes of viewing, reading and processing time.



Unit requires some classroom practice. Allow for 1 unit per week or do it in 1 sitting.

8 weeks


Video examples showing you how to teach and improve the reading routine.



12 months access. Plenty of time to review your new learning.

12 months


Working online means you can
start the course at any time.


Access to students for practice is desirable.
Internet access and some basic computer skills and needed.
Stages 1&2 are NOT a prerequisite.

Teachers Talk About Teaching Reading Comprehension

"I love the simplicity of the system...a step by step process. The kids are really into it. They engage really well with it."

Course Writers - Your Tutors

Hilton Ayrey

We are very passionate about teaching reading and we are always looking for ways to make reading programs easier and more enjoyable. It has to work for students AND the teacher.

'Teaching Reading Comprehension' is our longest running ONLiNE Course. It was the starting point for SharpReading and the result of many many hours of trial and error to come up with a way of teaching comprehension that works and gets great results.

Brian Parker

Although the course is stand-alone training we are always available to discuss your training during your 12 months access to the Stage 3 ONLiNE Course. For face-to-face introductions you can register for our webinars and workshops and also negotiate in-school support.


UNIT 1: Resource Library

This is where all the downloadable resources are stored; Course Book, Teacher Scripts, Planning and Assessment Templates, Levelled Texts as PDFs for Guided Reading and Powerpoints for Whole Class lessons.

UNIT 2: SharpReading Theory

An overview of the thinking behind SharpReading Stage 3: Comprehension Instruction.
We explain the need to develop ACTIVE readers and explore the initial comprehension skill set that the reader needs to acquire before embarking on comprehension strategy instruction in Stages 4&5. We provide references to the research we have accessed in developing this approach.

UNIT 3: Explicit Teaching of Unpacking Sentences

Getting started with Explicit Teaching of Unpacking Sentences. Clear explanations and video clips so that you can see the teaching in action.  Have a go yourself and then come back for another look to help clarify your understanding.

UNIT 4: Independent Practice Unpacking Sentences

Introducing the 5 Steps routine that is the mainstay of Stage 3. Once again, clear instructions and video clips so you can see the teaching of this routine in action. Includes a FAQ section that will answer your questions.

UNIT 5: Collecting Data

Understand and Practise of the data you can collect. Once you have gained fluency with your delivery of the routines you can start to look and listen more closely at your student's efforts to unpack sentences. Our simple data collection method allows you to quickly summarise the wealth of data that is available to you.

UNIT 6: Improving 'I think that means..' statements

Refine your approach so that you can address ITTM weaknesses.  Now that you have identified how your students are processing sentences you can provide a variety of learning focusses to meet their needs.

UNIT 7: The Whole Class Routine

A modified Routine to provide 10 minutes daily practice with your whole class. Once you have got your head around the group routines this is an easy way to increase the daily mileage of Unpacking Sentences.

UNIT 8: Student Engagement

Fine tuning the Teaching and Learning. For those who are interested in this, we look more closely and behaviour management issues around engaging your students in their learning.

Certificate of Completion

Download a customised certificate as proof of your participation in this course.


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