SharpReading ONLiNE Courses

SharpReading ONLiNE Courses are a great way to upskill yourself in all facets of Guided Reading from Decoding through to high order comprehension strategies. See OUR COURSES for further details.

The BENEFITS of our ONLiNE Courses

  •  Easily accessible, learn-at-your-own-pace professional learning - not the one-day-wonder workshop approach
  • Autonomy and Teacher agency - you are in control of your learning
  • The PD point of difference - revisiting the video models to check your implementation
  • Cost-effective - gets around the HUGE financial roadblock to PD - the cost of relief teachers
  • Can be supplemented with face-to-face contact - Start-up webinars or workshops, online conferencing, email helpline.

Each ONLiNE course is purchased as a 1 User Licence (everyone must have their own login) and access is for 12 months. Scroll down for discounts on Bulk Licences OR if you want to pay by invoice rather than instant access via credit card payment.

COST: ONLiNE Courses  NZ $99 +GST  
NB: Struggling Older Reader ONLiNE  NZ $139+GST which includes $80 of texts and teaching resources) 

The Struggling Older Reader ONLiNE

The latest addition to our ONLiNE courses!
Every middle and upper primary school classroom has them...those students who get stuck on decoding at around the 7-8 year reading level.
We show you how to get them over the decoding hump with 'SevenPlus',  a 8-10 week intervention, followed by 'The 5 Bits', a very important transition back into a normal guided reading routine.
SOR ONLiNE includes $80 worth of teaching resources - assessment procedures to identify students, StoryBytes and InfoBytes especially formatted for SevenPlus and the SevenPlus Manual.
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(See what the ONLiNE training actually looks like)

SharpPhonics ONLiNE

This is the result of a collaboration with New Zealand based Yolanda Soryl Literacy. We have taken essential parts of her approach to teaching phonics (her Stage 2, initial sounds and Stage 4, CVC words) and combined them with our step by step, 'simple' approach to training. Perfect 15 minute routines for junior teachers and teachers with little or no experience with phonics. 
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(See what the ONLiNE training actually looks like)

SharpReading ONLiNE Stages 1 & 2

Getting Guided and Shared Reading right for the Beginning Decoder.
The first 2 stages of our developmental progression provide you with teaching and guided practice routines to establish decoding fluency in your readers. Ideal for beginning readers or older readers who still need decoding support. Creates the necessary foundation for developing comprehension strategies.  
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(See what the ONLiNE training actually looks like)

SharpReading ONLiNE Stage 3

A Systematic Approach to Comprehension Instruction.
The beginning point for readers who have some decoding fluency and who now have the head space to concentrate on strategies to 'Construct Meaning'. Simple shared reading and guided reading routines provide you with a simple no hassle programme that will engage and empower your students as the dig into text.  

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(See what the ONLiNE training actually looks like)

SharpReading ONLiNE Stages 4-5

The idea behind our developmental progression is to develop mastery at one level before embarking on the next level of difficulty. Stage 4 looks at more sophisticated 'Constructing Meaning' strategies before moving on to Stage 5, 'Critical Thinking' or Big Picture strategies. 

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