SharpReading School-Wide

Your First Step: Initial Training

Where do we Start?

Run a Trial

If this is the first you have heard about SharpReading to may be timely to run a trial with several teachers. Get them to register for one of our Public Start-Up Webinars to get a feel for how our training is delivered, and the impact it has on your classrooms.

There are two entry courses, Stages 1&2: "Developing Decoding Fluency" for the first two years of reading Instruction, and Stage 3: "An iIntroduction to a Systematic Approach to Comprehension" typically for teachers of Years 3-6 (Yr 8 in NZ).

STEP 1: TOD Start-Up Webinar or Workshop

Are you ready to make a start across your school? 
You have three options

  • Register all your teachers for our Public Start-Up Webinars
  • Contact us and arrange customised Start-Up Webinars for your school at a date and time that suits you.
  • Book a Start-Up Workshop at your school (Teacher Only Day)

In our 'Start-Ups' we with quickly establish the rationale behind our approach to reading instruction to get buy-in for your staff, and then teach, inspire, enthuse you all with our the practical application of our guided reading routines.  

Everyone will have the understanding and the resources at their finger-tips to be able to make a start the very next day - NE to Year 8 (NZ) or Prep-Year 6 (AU). 

STEP 2: Complete ONLiNE Courses

We are always there for you.
The workshop provides an introduction to the new learning, enough for the teacher to make a start in their classroom the next day.

The ONLiNE Course provides eight carefully structured units to help teachers consolidate the new skills and achieve teacher competence and accreditation as a SharpReading teacher. Each teacher has access to their own personalised online course for 12 months and 24/7 email support.

"The SharpReading Training model is an extremely effective way of implementing a whole school pedagogical approach to reading"

Fiona Johnstone (Principal - Shen Wai International School, China)

Make a Booking for 2023

 LEARN MORE about the specific details and the costs.

If you are ready to make a booking for your school based on the information above, fill in the details and any other information that you think is relevant. Make a request for a Start-Up date and we will put together a quote that suits your specific needs and budget.

Want to discuss this further? Give us a call +64 (0)27 357 2573

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