SharpReading School-Wide

Your Next Step:  In-School Support

Please note our Special Offer for Queensland Schools in Term 1 and Western Australian Schools in Term 2, 2024 (see below).

So ... Your school has made a start with SharpReading!

Those teacher's who have done the initial training, are impressed with the impact it is having on student learning and motivation. Students are engaged, growing in confidence, taking ownership of the lesson routines and the teacher's are so relieved to have a clear scope and sequence and greatly reduced lesson preparation time. 

What is your Next Step!

NOW....we offer you In-School Support , a SharpReading Consultant in your school) to embed this approach to reading instruction across your school and future proof your PD investment.

We can achieve these two objectives simultaneously.

In-Class Coaching

As you will know, the enemies of successful School-wide PD are...

1. Teacher error -  misinterpretation of the intention of the routines (even with access to video models) and ‘get it wrong’.
2. Waning enthusiasm - other things take over, poor implementation may result in doubting the effectiveness of the approach.

THE FIX: In-class coaching with the 'expert'.
We schedule a 45 minutes session in each classroom so that we can identify any issues with delivery and fix them up, provide lesson modelling, team teaching, anything your teacher needs to reignite their enthusiasm and get them on track to meeting that standard we have set which gets the very best deal for your students (all very non-threatening).

COST: $1200 NZD / $1120 AUD per day PLUS approx $290* per day for travel and accommodation.
*Travel and accommodation costs may vary depending on your location. We have planned to be in QLD and WA for blocks of time which helps share international travel costs and make it affordable for schools.

A day includes six in-class sessions PLUS before school briefing and after school debriefs as is deemed necessary. 

PLEASE NOTE: No relief teachers required! This is a huge plus!

Train a SharpReading Coach

Develop in-school expertise to future-proof your PD investment

  • Identify your own SharpReading Champions within the school and get them trained to take over the In-Class Coaching.

  • We will develop their skills for working alongside their peers and setting up a school wide plan to maintain the momentum and the integrity of the program over time.

COST:  COACH ONLiNE Course $250 NZD / $235 AUD 
Prospective Coaches need to complete this ONLiNE Course before a planned visit.
All other training costs are included in In-Class Coaching Costs!

All additional training can be run currently with the In-Class support so there is no additional cost!

All we need is your Coach- in-Training to be released to accompany the SharpReading Consultant during the In-Class Coaching sessions.

Don't have the budget to cover all teachers for in-school Coaching?
Book us for a minimum of 1 day, select a sample of teachers (6), and the focus can be on the Coach training. We do not guarantee that a Coach in training will be accredited after just one day, but they will be well advanced in developing the Coaching skills to be able to support the rest of your staff.


New Zealand - we can take bookings year round

Special Offer for QLD and WA Schools.
We have set aside 3-4 week blocks of time in your states.
We suggest you make a booking early to ensure you don't miss out.
Queensland - Term 1: Weeks 7-9, 2024
Brisbane and Sunshine Coast 4 - 22 March

Western Australia - Term 2: Weeks 1-3,  2024
15 April - 3 May
All dates are subject to ongoing negotiation and final confirmation.

Request for In-School Support

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SharpReading School-Wide allows you to...


SharpReading routines generate noticeable changes in student focus, as much as 40% more engagement!


80% of SharpReading Schools report significant improvement in reading ability and achievement.


50% reduction in planning and assessment workloads means lots of confident, smiling teachers.

"The SharpReading Training model is an extremely effective way of implementing a whole school pedagogical approach to reading"

Fiona Johnstone (Principal - Shen Wai International School, China)


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