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What does SharpReading Offer?

We provide a one-stop-shop for everything you need to run a truly great classroom reading programme.

What School Principals Say about SharpReading

Michelle Hayward, Principal
Now Mangapikopiko School,
South Auckland, NZ

"I was looking for simplicity and continuity across the school"

"It provides structure for how to teach comprehension to students who are fluent decoders"

The Need for a Developmental Progression

To make reading acquisition easily accessible we think it makes sense to view it as a developmental progression. Of course this is a simplification and there is much overlapping, but, as with all teaching models, it provides teachers and students with focus and direction. These stages incorporate all the strands in Scarbourgh's Reading Rope and the actions in The Active Reader Model.

What is Guided Reading?

Having a simple developmental progression with systematic routines for small, levelled groups is a perfect way for the teacher to identify and focus on each student's needs and then accelerate their progress.

Karen Blackall - RTLB, Auckland


"Getting Started with Teaching Phonics."
For those who don't already have a Phonics Program, this is a 
collaboration with
Yolanda Soryl.
"Getting Started with Teaching Phonics."

Stages 1&2

"Getting Guided Reading Right for the Beginner Reader"
Transitioning readers from decodable to authentic texts, the perfect complement to any Phonics or Structured Literacy Program. 

Stages 3&4

"Constructing Meaning - Establishing The Active Reading Mindset"
Fine tuning students intuitive, in-the-moment comprehension skills
and then introducing problem solving strategies.

Stages 5&6

"Critical Thinking"
Tackling text level, 'big picture' comprehension - the Analysis and Evaluation of text.
The end goal of all comprehension Instruction.


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