What is the best training option for me?

OPTION 1: ONLiNE Course only

Each course consists of comprehensive coverage of the designated topic - usually 8 units that teachers work through. This is great for the individual teacher who can work through this in their own time.
For teachers from a year group in a school or something similar, we suggest doing the units together at a weekly session - 1 unit per week to keep the momentum going and complete the training in 8-10 weeks

Each unit follows a similar format
1. A learning goal
2. Read some information
3. Watch a video model of the learning point in the unit
4. Go away and practice the learning point with your students  (2-3 lessons during the week)
5. Return to the unit for the review  (10 min)
    This includes - share successes
                          - share / problem solve roadblocks
                          - set short term goals
On to the next unit.

  • Great for in-your-own-time and at-your-own-pace learning
  • No classroom release time required to do your training - a great cost saver
  • The cheapest option

COST: Stages 1&2 and Stage 3  $99 NZ +GST per licence per teacher
            The Struggling Older Reader $139 NZ + GST  (Includes $80 of resources)

OPTION 2: ONLINE Course PLUS Webinar

The  Start-Up Webinar provides for a clear explanation of the rationale behind SharpReading followed by modelling and practice of the routines. We cover the first 4 units in the start-up but teachers are still required to work their way through all the units and do the in-class practices and reviews.


  • The start-up webinar provides an event to get the training started
  • Takes the pressure off the coordinator to get buy in from the staff
  • The teacher gets clear explanations and practice with the ‘expert’ before hitting the classroom
  • Teachers can attend from their homes provided they have a reasonable internet connection
  • For groups of teachers within a school, we can organise the webinar times to suit you
      Morning (8am-12noon)
      Afternoon (12noon-4pm), or two 2 hour sessions on 2 days after school (4pm-6pm or 6pm-8pm)

COST: Stages 1&2 and Stage 3 - $155 NZ + GST per course per teacher
           The Struggling Older Reader $195 NZ + GST  (Includes $80 of resources). 

OPTION 3: ONLiNE Course PLUS Workshop

For the individual teacher this is dependent on whether a public workshop is being run in your area.

If you have a significant group of teachers within your school we are prepared to organise an In-School workshop just for you.
Minimum numbers are 6. Ten would be better. Small schools, consider joining in with a neighbouring school.

As for Option 2.

  • Face-To-Face interaction creates even more of an event with the ‘expert’ which should result in even better buy-in from your staff.
  • For the teacher, clear explanations and practice before hitting the classroom

COST for attending a Public Workshop: 
Stages 1&2 and Stage 3 - $195 NZ +GST per course per teacher. 
Struggling Older Reader  $235 NZ +GST  (Includes $80 of resources). 

COST for In-School Workshops
As above plus Return airfares, Rental car, AirB&B accommodation.
You may be able to recoup or share these costs by inviting neighbouring schools to join in.


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