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Critical Thinking - Evaluating Text

SharpReading Stage 6 ONLiNE Course 

Rationale for this Course

This course expands on the 'Big Picture' (Text Level) Comprehension strategies taught in Stage 5 (Analysing text).

Analysing the text (Stage 5) opens up the reader to the mechanics of the writing that they are reading. Now they are in a position to make judgments about the quality of that writing. 

This can be objective - does the writing meet the criteria of a specific genre - as well as subjective - has the writer held my interest and how was that achieved.

With non-fiction text we can also introduce the need to be aware of misinformation and bias.

As always the point of difference is that we develop the use of these skills WHILE the reader is reading to further develop the ACTIVE reading mind


What do I get for Stage 6?

UNIT 1: Stage 6A - Evaluate Fiction (Narrative) Text

Now that students have learnt to pull apart a story and see how it works (Stage 5 Analyse Text) they are now in a position to evaluate the writing (Stage 6) - comment on the use of language features, and plot and character development.

UNIT 2: Stage 6B - Evaluate Non Fiction (Expository) Text

Having looked for the signposts in non fiction text (facts, opinions, cause and effect, problem and solution) students are now encouraged to evaluate the accuracy of the information and look for evidence of bias in the text they are reading.

Stage 6 is still in the Developmental Stage

The ONLiNE Course is still a work in progress...we are still working on the film.
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