SharpReading Scope and Sequence

Our Developmental Progression provides an outline of the SharpReading Scope and Sequence. This is intended as an indication of where the SharpReading Stages may fit into a primary or elementary school programme. It is meant as a guideline only. CLICK HERE to download this as a PDF.

The starting point for reading instruction must be a strong phonics program which may include decodable text while students are learning alphabetic processing. SharpReading Stages 1&2 focuses on transferring the phonics skills learnt into the reading of authentic text. Our routines builds decoding fluency and a chance for readers to grow the orthographic mapping required to realise automatic word recognition. This is in line with the evidence provided by the Science of Reading.

While we have provided our own SharpPhonics, we acknowledge that any of the many phonics programmes out there will dovetail nicely into Stages 1&2.


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