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APPLYING - Using the information in another way


One example of a Level 3 Bloom’s Taxonomy activity is to get the student to take the information they have read in a non-fiction text and transform it or rework it in another way. Personalising facts into a story like the one above forces mental processing far beyond mere recall (Level 1) or being able to demonstrate understanding (Level 2).

“The baby hoatzin chick was nervous. He didn’t know about tree snakes but he sensed danger from the reptile that was slithering towards him on the branch that overhung the mangrove swamp. Something wasn’t right. Where was his mother now when he needed her? With the help of the claws on his wings, he scrambled out of the scruffy looking nest and sidled along the branch further away from the unblinking eyes that kept sliding towards him. Now there was nowhere else to go except down. As he released his grip on the branch and dropped down into the water, something inside told him that everything would be all right…”

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Coming Next : ANALYSING – Organising the information


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