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REMEMBERING - What are the facts?

This is the most basic level of processing information; answering ‘right there’ literal comprehension questions, requiring the reader to remember a fact or be able to revisit the text and find it. In days gone by readers were rarely asked to venture beyond this level of challenge which developed a  ‘hunt and destroy’ mentality in the reader and the complaint that “I don’t like reading because it makes my wrist hurt” from having to write answers to endless questions with little challenge or interest. 

We now know so much more about higher order thinking activities, better smarter ways to get reading responses from kids. HOWEVER, for the less confident reader this is a non-threatening place to start, so it still has its place.  A more challenging spin can be put on this by asking the student to come up with their own literal questions which forces a bit more processing of text.

Here are some examples from our stories and nonfiction texts.

Coming next UNDERSTANDING – Show that you understand the information


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