What do the Digital Licences mean?

All licences for digital resources are one off, lifetime licences - not renewable.

1 USER LICENCE - Conditions of use

For normal classroom use you can …

1. Photocopy hard copies for the students that you are instructing only (you can’t share these resources with other teachers)
2. Load the PDFs and powerpoints (InfoBytes and StoryBytes only) onto classroom devices for use in your classroom reading programme.

For the purpose of home based learning, you can …

3. Distribute digital versions (PDFs) to YOUR students via email 
4. Provide access to digital versions (PDFs) to YOUR students via a secure school website that can not be accessed by Google Search. 

School Licence - Conditions of use
As above but the resources may be accessed by any member of the staff at your school and made available to all students at your school.

All digital access must include a copyright reminder that these resources are for the user only and must not be shared digitally.

If you wish to upgrade from a 1 User Licence to a School Licence please contact us and we will invoice you for the difference in price and email you new School Licence download links. You get to keep your 1 User Licence.


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