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4 Essentials for a Reading Program
By 'Reading Program' we are not referring to a specific, commercially designed silver bullet; a one-stop-shop that will supposedly solve all your problems with a single purchase. In the context of this discussion, a reading program means a consistent school-wide approach to reading instruction ... an overarching framework that provides clear direction to teachers about What to Teach andHow to Teach it so that there is clarity and consistency and SUCCESS for the learners.

So top of the list has to be ... read more

Getting them to think WHILE they are reading
What has struck me again and again during the whirlwind of workshops in the last few months has been that no matter where we go or who the audience is, whether it be mainstream classes in NZ,  students from diverse cultures in International schools in Hong Kong, Chinese children struggling with English as a second language or aboriginal students in outback Australia, the challenge is always the same - to get them thinking AS THEY ARE READING.

 When this happens the lights go on, students get engaged, teachers get motivated and everyone has some fun. But that's not as easy as it sounds. .. Read more


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