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Latest Blogs

How much cognitive energy do you have?

Here's a pet theory I have about being a learner. We all come to any learning task with a fixed amount of cognitive energy. This is determined by a range of factors; perceived importanceRead more

The Importance of Feeling Successful

We all need to feel successful - "I am getting better at this...I can do it!" It's a rather obvious but sometimes forgotten idea that applies to any learning...we feel best about it when it feelsRead more

Where does Phonics fit with SharpReading?

It is important to understand how SharpReading aligns itself with phonics instruction. It is based on what we consider to be a balanced approach to developing decoding fluency in the beginner reader.Read more

Sight Words and the Beginner Reader

Read more

4 Essentials for a Reading Program

Our discussions with teachers often revolve around what we think are the essentials that need to be in place for an effective school-wide reading program and how do we provide them. Here is aRead more

We need a new approach - "52% of 15 year-olds only read if they have to!"

Christine Braid, Professional Learning and Development Facilitator in Literacy Education, Massey University, has just published a new article (21 Aug, 2020) entitled 'Young New Zealander's are turniRead more

Tell me again...What are StoryBytes and InfoBytes?

StoryBytes and InfoBytes have been around for a few years now but I still get queries about what they are and the thinking behind the design. This all started with my own frustration as aRead more

CREATING - Coming up with new ideas

This can be the really fun part of follow-up reading activities. A good story, that has been properly processed and understood, should have created a vivid impression on the imagination of theRead more

ANALYSING - Organising the Information

NARRATIVE TEXT       When the reader takes apart a story that they have read, looks at it through their own eyes and then puts it back together again, they take ownership for the information and Read more

APPLYING - Using the information in another way

LEVEL 3 of BLOOM'S TAXONOMY      One example of a Level 3 Bloom’s Taxonomy activity is to get the student to take the information they have read in a non-fiction text and transform it orRead more

UNDERSTANDING - Have you got it?

The second level of Bloom’s Taxonomy (Understanding) requires the reader to show that they can interpret the literal message they have read.Here are two activities that are particularlyRead more

REMEMBERING - What are the facts?

LEVEL 1 of BLOOM'S TAXONOMY      This is the most basic level of processing information; answering ‘right there’ literal comprehension questions, requiring the reader to remember a fact or beRead more

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