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Latest Blogs

Reading Rotations in Years 3-8 are too hard

Reading rotations are too hard!'  The argument goes something like this ...  'As the teacher, I spend most of my time monitoring the mayhem going on with the supposedly 'independent' workers andRead more

The importance of AFTER reading Comprehension Activities

As part of our 2024 focus on Comprehension Instruction we take a look at another important aspect of reading instruction - the away-from-the-teacher independent practice that students should beRead more

How about Comprehension as a focus?

Here in New Zealand (and elsewhere) the last couple of years have seen most of the oxygen available for reading PD being sucked up by Structured Literacy. Don't get me wrong! I am an enthusiasticRead more

Comprehension and Levelled Text

Teacher question: I have been reading a blog that suggests that we do away with levelled text for comprehension instruction. The reasoning is that too often we are subjecting students to text at whatRead more

Comprehension Skills vs Strategies?

I have spent twenty years championing the teaching of Comprehension Strategies as the be-all and end-all of comprehension instruction. Now I am not so sure.  I still firmly embrace the use ofRead more

How important is a Learning Outcome?

In this post we look at Learning Intentions or, as we prefer to call them Learning Outcomes. Why outcomes? - We think it better reflects the idea of observable skill development.  You are probably wRead more

Student Engagement?

Lately I have been laser focused on the implications of the latest cognitive research on brain activity during the act of reading comprehension.  Fascinating stuff...  But just the other day I endRead more

Independent Practice

Some of my holiday reading included delving further into the work of the cognitive scientists and their take on the way we read. Pretty fascinating stuff.  The obvious conclusion: no matter how muchRead more

SharpReading and The Science of Reading

"How does SharpReading align with the Science of Reading Comprehension?" 'The Science of Reading' is often used to describe the recent research in neurological and cognitive science, studies thatRead more

We make an impact when we read

Here's a nice reminder about the impact we can have on our classrooms just by bringing our own passion and experience as readers with us into the classroom.  Sue McDowall, a senior researcher at theRead more

The Case for Levelled Text

FAQ: 'The Science of Reading' online chatter suggests there are no longer grounds for using levelled text in guided reading lessons for students who are fluent decoders. What are your thoughts?' TRead more

Instructional Text - What do I look for?

FAQ: How do you find the correct level of text difficulty for comprehension instruction.  It has been often said that we will get a better effect from our comprehension instruction if we use textRead more

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