Free Stage 3 START-UP Webinar (Part 1)

Wednesday 19 April, 2023

12noon-2pm NZ Time;  10am-12noon QLD Time;  8am-10:00am WA Time

This session includes

  1. The Theory - how SharpReading Stage 3 "Teaching Reading Comprehension" aligns with the Science of Reading and provides a perfect  complement to Structured Literacy.

  2. Our Explicit Teaching Routine - We will get you fluent with our initial routine for teaching your students how to unpack sentences and develop the essential comprehension skill set as outlined in Scarborough's Rope.

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Message Sent. We will contact you ASAP with a webinar invitation for Wed 19 April. Looking forward to working with you.

Do you want to take this further?

After this webinar you have the option to purchase the full course.

 COST:  $195 NZ (+ GST for NZ), $185 AUD

This includes the 3 x 2 hour webinars and 12 months access to the ONLiNE course with all the resources and templates.

We will only invoice you once you have completed Webinar 1 and committed to the full training.

 WEBINAR 2:  Week 3 or 4, Term 2 
(We will negotiate dates & times that work for you).

Independent Practice Routine - Find out what we mean by 'Independent Practice' and how this is what makes the difference for developing lifelong comprehension skills.

 WEBINAR 3: Week 8 or 9, Term 2
(We will negotiate dates & times that work for you).

  1. Data Collection to identify learner difficulties

  2. Introducing Specific Learning Outcomes to meet individual needs

  3. The Whole Class Routine

This is an additional bonus as it is not usually included in our Start-Up webinar but is such an essential part of becoming a fluent SharpReading teacher.

 ADDITIONAL EXTRA: Virtual Observations

Normally $150 + GST. Special price for this offer $50 NZ + GST

The key to successful professional learning is what happens in the classroom after you have done your initial training. Unfortunately, getting us into your school is the really expensive part (unless you live in Christchurch). 

 'Virtual Observations' get around this.

You record a lesson, we arrange a Zoom meeting to help you self reflect on where you are at and help you set yourself next step learning goals.


1.  Your Instructions
ASAP after receiving your registration we will email you a Zoom Webinar Invitation - instructions for attending the Zoom webinar.  

2.  No Obligation
There are no strings attached here! If you are not delighted and intrigued by our approach to comprehension Instruction then you are welcome to walk away from this training course.


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