On Becoming a SharpReading School

"What are the ongoing costs for access to the ONLiNE Courses for a SharpReading School?"

Provisional SharpReading Schools - 1 User Licence System
When a school commits to a two year program of school-wide professional development we refer to that school as a 'Provisional SharpReading School'. During this time we operate under a 1 User Licence system, where each teacher involved in the training has to have their own SharpReading account and login details for each of the three courses that they can train in (the Stages 1&2 Course, the Stage 3 Course, and the Stages 4&5 Course). 

The cost of these 1 User Licences is included in the initial Start-Up training cost - a Start-Up Workshop plus two years access to the appropriate ONLiNE course (normally only 12 months access).

The school must purchase additional 1 User Licences for additional teachers that come on board during the two years or for teachers who want to upskill themselves in additional stages.

Please note: These costs do not include in-school support days that are part of the ongoing teacher training towards accreditation and the development of Trainers within the school.

On Becoming a SharpReading School - the School Licence System
Once the school meets the criteria for an accredited SharpReading School (usually at the end of two years) they receive a certificate of accreditation.

In the next calendar year we will offer the school a School Licence for all of the ONLiNE Courses and issue a new School Certificate of Accreditation for that year. The annual cost for a school licence is NZ $500.

What are the cost trade-offs for the school if they renew their licence annually?
1. All teachers have ongoing access to the ONLiNE Courses for review and to upskill themselves in additional stages without the school having to purchase 1 User Licences. 

2. This also applies to new teachers in training - they are covered by the School Licence. 

3. Trainers have ongoing access to the Trainer ONLiNE and have a training tool (the ONLiNE courses) for working with teachers.

The online training with some Trainer supervision should do the job for upskilling teachers now that the program is well established in the school. It does place some added responsibility and workload on the trainers and, where possible, we do recommend sending new staff to a public workshop, but this is not essential and is an optional extra cost outside of the school licence.

Schools who have not opted for School Accreditation can continue to operate under a 1 User Licence system for their teachers (12 months access to courses - pay as you go).


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