Comprehension Workshop

A Special Event for Canterbury Teachers

From time to time we schedule special events to meet the needs out there.
This is what we have planned so far for 2024.  

Face-to-Face Comprehension Workshop for Canterbury Teachers

"What about Comprehension?"

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DATE: Thursday 29 February          TIMES: 9am-3pm
VENUE:  : The McFaddens Centre, 64 McFaddens Road, St Albans, Christchurch.

COST: $215+GST per teacher
This SPECIAL EVENT Price includes all of the following

  • Morning Tea and a light Lunch 

  • A 45 minute follow-up session in your classroom (Value $150)

  • 12 months access to SharpReading Stage 3 ONLiNE Course (Value $139)

SharpReading Stage 3: "The Foundation for Effective, Systematic Comprehension Instruction"

We believe there needs to be a bit push in the area of Comprehension Instruction now that the essential aspects of Structured Literacy have been established in many NZ schools.

We used to run these workshops all the time but covid and the rise of online PD seems to have overtaken these very valuable events.  So, we are trying this again and we will see what the response is. Christchurch is our home town so that allows us to be more flexible with the training options we offer.

1. SharpReading Theory - the research behind our approach to comprehension instruction.

  • The need to address comprehension skills before teaching strategies

  • Our Developmental progression for comprehension which avoids cognitive overload and provides clear, step-by-step direction for teachers and students.

  • The need for Independent Practice so that the amazing brain can develop processing automaticity.

2. The Explicit Teaching Routine - Explain, Model and Guided Practice of Unpacking Sentences. Opportunity for you to practise this in the workshop with your peers.

3. The Independent Practice Routine - 80% of the students lesson time involves Independent Practice where you can monitor how their brains are processing information and then provide tweaks to their learning. We will model and practise this routine.

We are so adamant that good PD must include one-on-one follow-up in the classroom, that we are providing one free 45 minute session for workshop attendees. This will be arranged with you and will be customised to meet your needs - me modeling the teaching with your students, team teaching, or you teach and get feedback - any or all of the above.
Please Note the additional special offer - attend our workshop and I will arrange a visit to your classroom to give you some personalised support to get the implementation up and running. (normally $150 for this session). How often do you get that sort of offer?

Workshop Registration Form

End your details and SUBMIT. We will contact you ASAP to confirm your registration and provide additional information.

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