T.O.D.s for Start-Up Workshops

We recommend two separate TODs for a school wishing to make a start on school wide implementation of SharpReading.

DAY 1: SharpReading Stages 1&2 "Getting Guided Reading Right for Beginning Readers"
AUDIENCE: Teachers of NE-Year 3 students (NZ); Prep-Year 2 (AU)
FOCUS: Getting students to decoding fluency 

Day 2: SharpReading Stage 3 "A Systematic Approach to Comprehension Strategy Instruction"
AUDIENCE: Teachers of Year 3-Year 8 students (NZ); Year 2-Year 6 (AU)
FOCUS: A concentrated start on comprehension with students who are free from decoding issues.


SharpReading provides teachers with a mindset and structured routines that will make the planning and the delivery of the reading programme much easier.

HOWEVER, we have found that for teachers to try and absorb and practice the routines for Stages 1&2 AND Stage 3 on one day results in overload. It is better for teachers to train first in the stage that represents the greatest need for the students they are teaching. Additional stages can be accessed at a later date through the ONLiNE material.

Two days does allow those teachers in the cross over years (Years 2-4) to attend both Stages 1&2 and Stage 3 training without it being too overwhelming.

$195+GST per teacher per workshop for larger schools (minimum number 10 teachers).
This includes 12 months access to the appropriate ONLiNE stage for additional ongoing training and review.

For teachers who attend two workshops $235+GST. 

Travel and accommodation costs are extra. Please contact us for a quote.


Obviously small numbers (less than 10) means that it is not cost effective to run two days of training.

Small schools may choose to combine with neighbouring schools to make up the numbers.

Alternatively we can offer a flat daily rate of $1000+GST per day. With small numbers we can obviously provide a much greater individualised training session which provides value for money.

We are prepared to negotiate an extended one day workshop for Stages 1-3.

Please contact us - - to discuss any of the above options.


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