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Phases that the Teacher Goes Through


You are working you way through the ONLiNE training units, trying out the routine, getting used to it, becoming automatic with the delivery. 

You are aware of the need to complete 20 hours of practice as soon as possible.

You are undecided about the validity of this as a teaching and learning but have committed to 8-10 weeks to trial this approach and get a real understanding of the teaching requirements.

You have got caught up with other things and 'trying it out' is very patchy or on the shelf for now.


You have probably completed your 8-10 weeks of ONLiNE training, the routines are in place and there is regular use of m. You have SharpReading as your default reading programme as you want to see if it delivers what we have promised.

You are starting to believe that there is something here, mainly because of the feedback you are getting from your students and the success, enjoyment and confidence they are demonstrating AND you like the ease of preparation and delivery that you now have at your fingertips.

You think you understand the programme but because your implementation has been erratic you may now be wondering whether is going to work so your enthusiasm is withering.


The routine is now an integral part of what you do and you are committed to the process.
* You know how to get the most out of each session.
* You know how to manage the behaviour and adjust your delivery (pace and passion) of the lesson to ensure the routine is quick and efficient with a high level of learning and practice evident.


As an accredited SharpReading teacher you have a strong belief in the benefits for the students and teachers using this approach and you are interested in becoming an In-School SharpReading Trainer to facilitate school wide consistency and longevity to the programme.


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