Beyond our mainstream Guided Reading Courses we have developed some instructional approaches to support guided reading. As with all of our ONLiNE courses these involve carefully designed teacher learning opportunities for in-your own time, at-your-own-pace learning or can be run as Year level or whole school professional learning. They can also be supplemented with Start-Up Workshops or Webinars. 

SharpPhonics ONLiNE Course

This is the result of a collaboration with Yolanda Soryl Literacy. We have taken Yolanda’s Phonics Stage 2 (initial 29 sounds; a-z, ch, sh, th) and Stage 4 (CVC words: cat, hen, pig...) and combined them with our step by step, scripted approach to training. Together we have generated a very structured 15 minute routine for junior teachers and teachers with little or no experience with phonics.

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The Struggling Older Reader ONLiNE Course

Our 'SevenPlus' intervention and a transition back into guided reading
Every middle and upper primary school classroom has them...those students who get stuck on decoding at around the 7-8 year reading level. We show you how to get them over the decoding hump with 'SevenPlus',  a 8-10 week intervention, followed by 'The 5 Bits', a very important transition back into a normal guided reading routine.

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