The Struggling Older Reader Webinar

THURSDAY 17 February 12 noon-4pm

SEVENPLUS - a simple intervention that works!
Then a transition back into a 'normal' guided reading routine.

COST:  $195 NZ  (plus GST for NZ customers)
Includes over $100 worth of teaching resources, everything you need at your fingertips
texts for SevenPlus AND our new Illustrated StoryBytes
screening tests, teaching scripts, planning & data collection templates
12 months access to the ONLiNE Course

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"Once they realise that there is a routine and that routine is the same every day, they are much happier to take part and take risks."

Maria, Year 5 teacher.

Feel Confident that there IS Something You can do!

If you are a teacher anywhere across the age range of 8-15 year-olds you may be well removed from art of basic reading instruction and talk of phonics is like being introduced to a new language.  But you are very aware of those students in your class who do not have the reading skills they need to progress across the curriculum and you can see their motivation and feeling of self-worth about learning draining away

You need something but you are time poor and can't commit to any extensive study on the subject. 

This course will give you answers. We will share our insights into the most common problem these readers face and some simple but very effective tools that you can pick up and put into action very quickly.

It may not work for everyone, but we have some pretty compelling data gathered over the last 6 years that says it will make a difference for many.

What People Say About 'The Struggling Older Reader'.

SevenPlus Makes a Difference!

"The impact has been huge! Our struggling Year 6 students from last year have been 'normalised'. The Year 7 teachers are saying that they are slotting into the Year 7 program (junior secondary) without the need for extra specialist reading help."  

Course Writers - Your Tutors

Hilton Ayrey

Hilton and Chuck began collaborating on this project in 2015, bringing together their expertise to provide a solution to this perennial problem of the reader who struggles to make progress in reading and gets further and further behind.

Chuck's work as a Resources Teacher of Literacy meant many hours working with these students, formulating activities that made a difference. Hilton brought his experience of developing tightly structured routines to help the teacher deliver lessons that encourage and empower these learners. The result is our SevenPlus Intervention which we are both very proud of. We are both constantly delighted by the feedback that we receive on its efficacy.

Chuck Marriott


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