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Stage 3: Teaching Reading Comprehension

Available to the First 5 Schools that Register

Watch this space for our next offer!

Run a FREE Trial with SharpReading Stage 3 and find out whether this will make a difference in your school.

What does this offer involve?

More than $700 NZD worth of FREE PD for your school and a hands on look at how this approach to reading instruction can transform your readers.

Nominate two volunteers from your senior classes (Years 4-6).
Their training will include
1. Start-Up Webinars - your two teachers will attend 3 x 2 hour Stage 3 Start-Up Webinars for their initial a time that suits them.
Webinar 1:  SharpReading Theory and our Explicit Teaching Routine
Webinar 2: Our Independent Practice Routine
Webinar 3: Collecting Data and using this to inform next step teaching.

2. Access to Stage 3 ONLiNE - they have access to the scripts, templates, sample resources, video models of the teaching     for ongoing PD after the initial event plus email follow-up.

3. Two 'virtual' in-class support sessions - they send us a video of a lesson (warts and all) and we view and give feedback on a specially scheduled 30 minute Zoom meetings. More about that...

We will ensure that they get any additional support they require to make this trial work for your school.

The school can then make an informed decision about whether to roll this out for the whole school.

SharpReading Stage 3 "Teaching Reading Comprehension" is the foundation for our approach to comprehension instruction. It is our most popular course and we think it is the most important point of entry for schools wishing to explore what we have to offer.  Similar FREE trials for Stages 1&2 (Developing Decoding Fluency) may be offered in the future.

Reserve a Place in the FREE Trial NOW!

This is not a binding commitment at this stage.
We will contact you by email to start the conversation about how this will work in your school.

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Message Sent. We will contact you by email ASAP to discuss this further.

Conditions of this FREE Trial

  • Schools applying for our FREE Trial must be new to SharpReading. Contact us if you are unsure whether you qualify.

  • The FREE trial applies to schools with more than 5 teachers. If you are a small school and wish to investigate SharpReading then contact us and we will arrange something appropriate to your circumstances.

  • The Literacy Leader at your school must be part of the discussion when setting up the trial.

  • There is no obligation on the school to take the training further once the trial has been completed.

  • Acceptance into this FREE trial is at the discretion of the SharpReading directors.

"The SharpReading Training model is an extremely effective way of implementing a whole school pedagogical approach to reading"

Fiona Johnstone (Principal - Shen Wai International School, China)


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