SharpReading Trainer ONLiNE Course

Our aim is to support SharpReading Schools, that is, schools that wish to implement SharpReading school wide as their main - but not necessarily exclusive - instructional approach to teaching reading. 

Where this decision has been made our role is to up-skill staff within the school to so that they can oversee and maintain the integrity of the implementation in classroom without a great deal of external support from us. 

Trainer ONLiNE provides the aspiring coach within a school to develop the skill set to observe SharpReading lessons and give positive feedback and support teachers towards accreditation in the stage that they are working on.

Accredited SharpReading Trainer

This is the highest level of training we offer. A SharpReading Trainer will become a recognised SharpReading leader within the school and therefore needs to be someone who is a SharpReading enthusiast and someone who school management wishes to promote into a position of leadership and responsibility.

  • They must be an accredited SharpReading Teacher in at least one of the SharpReading Stages
  • They must support teachers and staff in their school only
  • They will be able to train teachers and support staff
  • They will be able to accredit teachers
  • They will be given access to whole school data collation tools and shown how to document a teacher's journey to fluency. 
  • They will be able to award certificates of fluency to their staff. A key acknowledgement of high level accurate delivery of our approach
  • They will be recognised on the SharpReading website
  • They will be able to support the school to become a SharpReading Accredited School.

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The cost is $250 (PLUS GST for NZ customers). Access is for 12 months.

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