SharpReading for Secondary Classes Workshop Description

This workshop is designed for schools who have embraced the SharpReading approach to reading instruction in primary and now have students coming through into Year 7 with a different reading skills set.

Alternatively you may just be looking for something to help out with the literacy issues your students are presenting with.

The key to our approach is to see the acquisition of comprehension skills as layering; starting with the literal meaning of sentences, allowing time to develop mastery before moving on to the next layer, gradually building student capacity into more complex thinking and processing of ideas and information. This can be attended to without running a reading program and without sacrificing too much of your content time. 

We introduce you to the thinking behind SharpReading and the developmental SharpReading Stages 3-6. We provide you with a simple 10 minute whole classroom routine which allows you to maintain and build on the skills that your students have already acquired or introduce them to skills they are not consciously aware of.

Stage 3  'The 3 Steps' (Constructing Meaning - the foundation for effective Comprehension)
Fluent decoders often do not have an understanding of the active reading skills that they need to be a truly GREAT reader. "I think that means..." provides a simple yet profound strategy for habitualising 'thinking while reading'.

Stage 4: The Deep 4 (Constructing Meaning) 
Adding 4 of the most important comprehension strategies to the reader's toolbox to help interpret and clarify the literal meaning of sentences.   Visualisation, Prior Knowledge, Asking Questions, Forming Hypotheses, Making connections within text - yes these may all sound  familiar but SharpReading gives them a very different treatment.

Stage 5: Analysing Text (Critical Thinking)
Now is the time to introduce 'big picture' or whole text thinking. We explore the analysis of narrative and non fiction text while the students are reading (an essential active reading skill).

Stage 6: Evaluating Text (Critical Thinking) 
Once meaning has been constructed and the content analysed the reader is in the position to be able to evaluate the quality of the text while they are reading (an essential active reading skill).


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