In the absence of face-to-face guided reading groups in the normal classroom, setting specific reading tasks with follow-up activities for your remote learners may be a good stop-gap measure providing them with some accountability and direction.

At this point we are speaking to teachers of older learners (Years 3-8)
'After Reading' comprehension activities (for older students) do provide an important part of a balanced reading programme, providing your students with the opportunity to reflect on what they have just read, and revisit the text to think more deeply about it.

SharpReading Levelled Texts with Bloom's Follow-Up activities

Updated 16 April
Our Junior Stories (RA 7-10), Short Stories(RA 10-16+)  and non fiction 'Reading across the curriculum' (RA 7-14+)' series are great resources for this 'assign a reading task and follow-up activities' approach.

  • The texts are short and of high interest across a wide spread of reading ages (7-16+yrs). 
  • The activities provide for written AND visual, literal fact finding AND creative responses. 
  • The activities build on Bloom's taxonomy, requiring more challenging cognitive responses as you work down the page. 
  • We suggest assigning activities as 'must does' and 'can does' based on your students abilities. Rarely would you expect students to complete all the activities. 
  • The activities are similar from text to text which alleviates the need to be ever teaching new activities. The challenge for the student comes from applying a familiar activity to a new text.
  • Students need a forum where they can display their work and receive feedback and praise from their peers (and you the teacher) otherwise they are just doing it for the teacher.
  • Each resource includes exemplars of most of the activities. Providing clear models of the work expectation is an essential part of the process. Samples provided below.

The PDFs can be posted on shared learning platforms within your school website. PLEASE NOTE that our copyright requires that they are not able to be accessed through Google Search.  Click here for a full description of the licences we offer.

Because your students will be reading the text independently, make sure you select material at a recreational level, not an instructional level.  

Click on the images below to download free samples.
FICTION: "The Boy and the Rat" - text, activities and exemplars.      NON FICTION: "Beavers" - text, activities and exemplars.

BUY NOW Stories OR Reading across the Curriculum. Click on the covers to see the contents pages

Gnome World - A Chapter Book

This is a perfect resource for the duration of the lockdown. Give them access to a new chapter each day. Each of the 16 chapters is followed by a series of activities which allow the reader to track and map the storyline and make creative responses to the action. 

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Click on the links below for a FREE sample (Chapter One).
Gnome World: The Evans Street Attacks - Level 3 RA 8.5-9 yrs
Gnome World: The Evans Street Attacks - Level 7 RA 12-13 yrs

The garden gnomes of Evans Street are great friends! They meet together every night to have fun! But when their happy and peaceful way of life is threatened, they are forced to stand up for themselves. Mondo must set out on a journey to find the Old Gnome and enlist his help.
Meanwhile, the humans of Evans Street have a totally different idea of what is going on in their neighbourhood . . .

A sequel will be available soon: 'Gnome World: Mondo goes on Holiday.'

StoryBytes and InfoBytes

While designed primarily for guided reading lessons, our StoryBytes and InfoBytes are also well suited to independent reading and after reading follow-ups.  Each short piece of text (4 paragraphs) has a series of activities and comes as a PDF and as a powerpoint (great for Zoom guided reading lessons).  220 stories and Powerpoints available.

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