SharpReading Workshops are going ONLiNE

With issues of social distancing and domestic and international travel looming large for the immediate future, our normal schedule of face-to-face SharpReading Workshops is on hold.

If nothing else, adversity forces innovation, so for Term 2 of 2020 we are offering all our teacher training into the following package which allows us to do everything we have done in the past ONLiNE.

Our SharpReading ONLINE Package includes ...

1. Start-Up Workshop (ONLiNE)

The part of our training that we would normally deliver face-to-face is now going to be delivered in an online Zoom format - a powerpoint shared on the Zoom application. Four hours of interactive learning ... it will go very quickly.

Be ready to make a start with SharpReading lessons the very next day - guided reading in your classroom or online for distance learning.

THE THEORY - the all important thinking behind our approach to reading instruction. We have some interesting ideas about teaching and learning which will give you a whole lot of clarity about what you should (or could) be doing for instructional reading.
THE PRACTICE - A chance to have a go at the routines during the workshop. Of course this majors on the normal classroom delivery, but will also include modelling just how easy it is to run guided reading via Zoom (or a similar platform).

2. SharpReading ONLiNE Training

After the start-up workshop you can continue on with developing mastery of the SharpReading routines by working through the eight units available to you in SharpReading ONLiNE.

Each unit follows this repeating pattern.
LEARNING GOALS - a statement of clear outcomes for the unit. 
READ - a clear explanation of the theory or teaching pedagogy around the learning goal.
VIEW - video models of the teaching and observational practices that are the focus of the unit.
DO IT - specific guided reading tasks to practice in the classroom or online (yes we cover 'Guided Reading using Zoom')
REVIEW - come back and review what you have learnt.

Resources: The units are packed with video models, text resources, teacher scripts, planning and assessment templates. FAQs and variables are all discussed as well as a 50 page Course Book for at-your-fingertips reference on the fly in the classroom. 

Endorsement: "This PD model works so well. The theory and the practice are so well explained and set out but it is having the video models to go back to ... that's the huge point of difference."
Karen Blackall, RTLB, Auckland 

3. Ongoing Support

Email Follow-Ups - weekly reminders, hints, extra information to prompt and maintain momentum.
Email and Zoom Conference Support - any queries or roadblocks we will respond ASAP
Additional In-class Support can be negotiated

Register NOW for a SharpReading ONLiNE Package

We have had requests from teachers for SharpReading training during the next few weeks while they have some flexibility with their distance classrooms.

We are trialling two workshops (Stages 1&2 Thursday 14 May, Stage 3 Thurs 21 May) to give you a unique opportunity to do some online PD. Teachers who have been doing the short sessions with us during the last few weeks have been very positive about how well this can work. 

SharpReading Stages 1&2 (10 places available)

"Getting Guided Reading Right for the Beginning Reader" ... more

ZOOM Stages 1&2 Start-Up Workshop:   Thursday 14 May
TIME:   12noon-4pm (NZ Time)
            10am-2pm (Eastern Australia Time)
             8am-12noon (Western Australia Time) 

SharpReading ONLiNE Stages 1&2 - 12 months access to ongoing training 


SharpReading Stage 3 (10 places available)

"A Systematic Approach to Comprehension Instruction"  ... more

ZOOM Stage 3 Start-Up Workshop:   Thursday 21 May 
TIME:  12noon-4pm (NZ Time)   
            10am-2pm (Eastern Australia Time)
            8am-12noon (Western Australia Time) 

SharpReading ONLiNE Stage 3 - 12 months access to ongoing training 

  $155 NZD

Register here

Enter your details in the response form below and submit.  In the next 24 hours we will email you an invoice, an invitation to the Zoom Workshop and instructions about how you can access your ONLiNE Training NOW.

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Suggestions for ONLiNE Workshops

These days and times don't suit?
Tell us what would. Choose from 8am-12noon, 12noon-4pm, 6pm-10pm or 2 x 2hour workshops 6pm-8pm on consecutive days.

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