How about a Zoom practice?

Updated 23 April

Register here to be part of one of our Guided Reading Lessons using Zoom. Once you have registered we will contact you in the next few days with all the information you need to be ready to take part - nothing required other than a FREE Zoom account. 

These sessions are aimed at Year 3-8 students and will run for about 30 minutes. Numbers are limited to six per session so that we can replicate a live guided reading lesson. This will be very non threatening and a bit of fun (as well as experimentation on our part).

We will schedule further sessions if there is sufficient interest. 

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Session Times - Register NOW 
Please note time differences. We have tried to accommodate Australian and Hong Kong teachers.
Session 1: Tuesday 28 April   10am NZ time  (1 place available)
Session 2: Tuesday 28 April   11am NZ time  FULL  
Session 3: Tuesday 28 April   12 noon NZ time  FULL
Session 4: Thursday 30 April   10am NZ time   FULL
Session 5: Thursday 30 April   11am NZ time   FULL
Session 6: Thursday 30 April  12 noon NZ time  FULL
Season 7: Thursday 30 April 8pm NZ time (4pm Hong Kong and West Australian time) FULL
Session 8: Tuesday 5 May   10am NZ time  (1 place available)

FREE Powerpoint Samples - StoryBytes and InfoBytes

For these lessons we will be using one of our powerpoints that come with each of our StoryBytes and InfoBytes. Below are some samples. Click on the images to download at different reading levels (Level 1-Level 9).   
BUY NOW  StoryBytes and InfoBytes

Guided Reading using Zoom (or any other platform)

Updated 16 April
As is the way with technology, it takes a little while to get your head around the process, but it is easy to make a start without attempting to use all the bells and whistles that are available.

We are looking specifically at older readers here (Years 3-8) because we have the resources available that make this SO easy. Scroll down for suggestions about Zoom with junior classroom guided reading. 

These are the key points we have found.

1. Start small...grow it over time
Get you students used to the idea of turning up on time. Run a short lesson, send them off with a follow-up activity. On to the next group. 

2. Eliminate as many variables as is humanly possible
This is the BIG one. Relying on students to have downloaded today's reading material and have it in front of them is something you don't want to contend with.  

Our solution...every StoryBytes and InfoBytes comes as a powerpoint (as well as a PDF) and they are perfect for what we are suggesting here. You prepare your lesson by sharing the powerpoint to your Zoom screen then your students join the Zoom meeting and you are straight into it.

You can easily monitor your students engagement (their eyes are on the screen) and because you limit the text available you can assume that everyone is focussing on the same piece of information. 

Initially you might want to do just a paragraph per lesson, ten minutes worth. Over time you can extend your lesson out to complete all four paragraphs. These powerpoint are especially designed to use with our SharpReading Stage 3 guided reading lessons where we focus on the students constructing meaning for themselves. However, you are welcome to use them in any way that suits your guided reading delivery.

3. The HUGE plus is that you don't have to monitor the rest of the class!

Google Classroom

Updated 7 April
The first thing you are going to need is a platform for communicating with your students. There are several options available. The main two are Microsoft Teams  and Google Classroom.

Google Classrom provides all (in our opinion) of the tools you need to get started. Click on the image to view this 10 minute introduction to setting up a Google Classroom. There are many similar introductions available online if you find this one annoying.

In summary, it provides you with a place to share announcements and receive responses from your students. You can upload assignments, reading tasks, videos and set times for task completion. Within your class you can identify groups which allow you to differentiate tasks. Students can post their responses and completed assignments - lots of possibilities here for older learners.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Posted 2 April
If you and your students are set up for video conferencing then using Zoom, or a similar application, is a great way to run online reading lessons.  Zoom is an online application that works like Skype but makes it possible for you to talk to many people at once and play powerpoints, show PDFs or pictures or essentially whatever is on your screen at the time.  Like any new application it looks a bit "impossible" at first but if you watch a couple of the videos explaining what to do  you will find it is actually a very easy to follow application.

Here are videos on how to use Zoom and we will add ideas on how to run a session in our next email.

The Supporting a Teacher Series

Making the Shift 
Easing Into a Remote Reading Programme  
Providing Reading Tasks and Reading Responses  
Using the Technology  
Upskill Yourself in Guided Reading

These webpages are aimed at supporting teachers everywhere who are having to make a rapid transition into remote or home based teaching and learning. Look for weekly updates as more information becomes available. 

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