If you are not familiar with our SharpReading routines then maybe this is a good time to upskill yourself with one of our online training courses.  Start your training now or sign up below for a preview of what the training involves and the resources that we provide you with.

Obviously the face to face workshops that we had planned for Term 2 have been postponed.

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Click on the links below if you want to find out more about our SharpReading Stages
SharpReading Stages 1&2
SharpReading Stages 3&4
SharpReading Stages 5&6
The Struggling Older Reader

The Supporting a Teacher Series

Making the Shift 
Easing Into a Remote Reading Programme  
Providing Reading Tasks and Reading Responses  
Using the Technology  
Upskill Yourself in Guided Reading

These webpages are aimed at supporting teachers everywhere who are having to make a rapid transition into remote or home based teaching and learning. Look for weekly updates as more information becomes available. 

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