SharpReading Levelled Texts with Bloom's Follow-Up activities

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FICTION: "The Boy and the Rat" - text, activities and exemplars.      NON FICTION: "Beavers" - text, activities and exemplars.

Our Junior Stories (RA 7-10), Short Stories(RA 10-16+)  and non fiction 'Reading across the curriculum' (RA 7-14+)' series provide extensive follow-up activities for older readers.

  • The texts are short and of high interest across a wide spread of reading ages (7-16+yrs). 
  • The activities provide for written AND visual, literal fact finding AND creative responses. 
  • The activities build on Bloom's taxonomy, requiring more challenging cognitive responses as you work down the page. 
  • We suggest assigning activities as 'must does' and 'can does' based on your students abilities. Rarely would you expect students to complete all the activities. 
  • The activities are similar from text to text which alleviates the need to be ever teaching new activities. The challenge for the student comes from applying a familiar activity to a new text.
  • Students need a forum where they can display their work and receive feedback and praise from their peers (and you the teacher) otherwise they are just doing it for the teacher.
  • Each resource includes exemplars of most of the activities. Providing clear models of the work expectation is an essential part of the process. Samples provided below.

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