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The Struggling Older Reader - Description

"The Struggling Older Reader" training is specifically designed for teachers of those older students who 'get stuck' on decoding - they haven't yet developed the decoding fluency they need to become confident readers. 

"SevenPlus" - An 8-10 week intervention
The starting point is our SevenPlus Intervention, carefully designed to address the needs of the reader who is stuck at around a reading age of seven-eight or who is progressing but only slowly. Their motivation for reading and their self esteem about themselves as readers is fading fast. Decoding strategies, fluency and vocabulary are all attended to in a routine that ensures success and the rebuilding of confidence.

"The 5 Bits" - Where to next?
The success or failure of any intervention is usually determined by what happens next. We provide you with our especially modified SharpReading Stage 2 routine which helps transition learners back into a more mainstreamed guided reading routine. This ensures that the newly found confidence and enthusiasm for reading is maintained and prepares them for Stage 3 - Comprehension Strategy Instruction.

The Struggling Older Reader Workshops

Currently training is only offered via a workshop but we will have "The Struggling Older Reader ONLiNE" before the end of 2019.

See "Book a Workshop" for a list of planned workshops.

COST:  $235* + GST
*Workshop Price includes $100 of Invaluable SevenPlus Resources - everything you need for a 10 week intervention.

The SevenPlus Teachers Manual is packed with all the teaching pedagogy and the research that is behind SevenPlus for those who want to dig deeper. It also includes a wealth of additional phonological and morphological follow-up activities to reinforce the learning that occurs in the SevenPlus lesson.

We have reformatted some of our StoryBytes and InfoBytes to match the requirements of SevenPlus - 10 weeks of SevenPlus lessons - No Planning - No Preparation PLUS screening tests to easily establish the correct starting level for your students.

12 months access to the video clips shown in the workshop - go back at anytime and review the SevenPlus and 5 Bits routine at any time online.


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