SharpReading Teacher Training

Our SharpReading teacher training in Guided Reading provides you with easily accessible, at your own pace learning of some very powerful guided reading routines across all the range of needs in your primary (and junior secondary) classrooms.

We cater for the beginning teacher looking for simple routines to help them get started, experienced teachers looking for better results, Literacy Support Teachers looking for ways they can support struggling teachers and Literacy Leaders and Principals looking for something that can easily be implemented school wide to bring consistency and success into the teaching of reading. 

OPTION 1: SharpReading ONLiNE Courses

All aspects of reading instruction come as courses that can be accessed via the internet. Typically each course follows a similar design which includes

  • Eight units of work 
  • Clear instructions about the content
  • Video models of the teaching
  • Clearly defined observation tasks that help you unpack the routines
  • A systematic unit design - READ, WATCH, Go away and HAVE A GO, Come back and REVIEW
  • FAQs and variables
  • A downloadable 50 page Course Book for at-your-fingertips reference in the classroom
  • Samples of text for your initial teaching, teacher Scripts for routines, planning templates, teaching charts, learning outcomes...everything you need to make this work in your classroom.

COST per course:  $99 + GST NZD                                                      BUY NOW

OPTION 2: Start-Up Webinar PLUS ONLiNE Course

Get your training off to a flying start with an introductory webinar / online workshop. You can choose a time that suits you from a list of available options. 

  • Hear the theory first hand - ask your questions to get clarity
  • Be included in the modelling of the routines - know what it feels like for the learner
  • Practice the routines - get a feel for the teacher role
  • Interact with other teachers in training

A very motivating start to your ONLiNE Course.

COST:  $155 + GST NZD   (Course PLUS Webinar)                          BUY NOW

OPTION 3: Whole School SharpReading Training

Become a SharpReading school. This is our specialty ... embedding a consistent teaching model across a school and overseeing the implementation to make sure it gets the results.  Whole school implementation includes

  • Face-to-face workshops (Teacher Only Days) to ensure buy-in from all teachers
  • Clear guidelines and follow up of the ongoing course online training
  • A suggested minimum of two follow-up visits to the school where every teacher gets individualised support in their classroom
  • Identification and training of SharpReading 'champions' within the school who become accredited trainers and take over the training support of staff to ensure the SharpReading approach maintains its integrity and longevity.

CONTACT US for a quote to suit your school size and your budget.


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