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Here is what principals and literacy coordinators on the Sunshine Coast have been saying about the work we have been doing in their schools.

Tracey Shields, Head of Primary, Coolum Beach Christian College. 
"I have been really impressed with the services offered by Hilton as a consultant, the training workshops he has run and the extensive in-class follow-up he provides including modelling of the teaching, and classroom observations.  I highly recommend SharpReading. " 

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary, Glasshouse Christian College
"The implementation of SharpReading strategies in all classes ( Prep-Year 6 ) has significantly improved our school's reading data over the past three years.  A whole school approach to reading has provided an authentic context for professional dialogue in both team meetings and staff meetings."

Kylie Baker, Assistant to Head of Junior School, Nambour Christian College
"SharpReading has provided our Junior School with a common understanding and language around the teaching of reading.  This easy to implement approach has empowered our teachers by providing them with the tools to cater for the diverse needs of their learners."

Jodie Hyatt, Deputy Head of Primary, Immanuel Lutheran College
“Sharp Reading has provided a common language and approach to the teaching of Reading across our Primary School (Prep to Year 6). While we are only 6 months into our journey, we are excited by the progress our students are making in this important area of Literacy.”  


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