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Stages 4-6 Workshop Description

"Critical Thinking - the top end of Comprehension" Yrs 3-8

This workshop builds on the basic constructing meaning strategies covered in Stage 3 - attending a Stage 3 workshop or completing Stage 3 ONLiNE is a prerequisite to attending this workshop.

Stage 4: The Deep 4 (Constructing Meaning)
Adding 4 of the most important comprehension strategies to the reader's toolbox to help interpret and clarify the literal meaning of sentences.   Visualisation, Prior Knowledge, Asking Questions, Forming Hypotheses - yes these may all sound  familiar but SharpReading gives them a very different treatment.

Stage 5: Analysing Text (Critical Thinking)
Now is the time to introduce 'big picture' or whole text thinking. We explore the analysis of narrative and non fiction text while the students are reading (an essential active reading skill).

Stage 6: Evaluating Text (Critical Thinking)
Once meaning has been constructed and the content analysed the reader is in the position to be able to evaluate the quality of the text while they are reading (an essential active reading skill).

COST:  $195 + GST
Includes 52 page workbook, sample resources and 12 months access to video teaching models from the workshop.


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