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Stages 1&2 Workshop Description NE-Yr3

"Getting Guided Reading Right for the Beginning Decoder"

This workshop is aimed at meeting the needs of beginning readers (the early school years) who need the explicit teaching and guided practice of decoding strategies to achieve decoding fluency. Our '5 Bits' routine provides you with the structure you need to get through that daily text in the 10 minutes you have with each group. The students love the routine and feel secure. Confidence levels skyrocket as they take ownership of the reading. Rather than looking for the next teachable moment, you are freed up to monitor their decoding.

Stages 1 and 2: 'The Five Bits' (Mastering Decoding)
A key to developing fluent decoders is 'mastering the challenge'. We need to ensure that our beginning readers are managed through the potentially discouraging bottlenecks that occur as the mental effort of decoding collides with the need to construct meaning. SharpReading Stages 1 and 2 provides simple solutions to this which ensure our readers meet with success and develop a lifelong passion for reading.

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