Become an Accredited SharpReading Trainer, a Coach or Mentor

Our aim is to support SharpReading Schools, that is, schools that wish to implement SharpReading school wide as their main - but not necessarily exclusive - instructional approach to teaching reading. 

Where this decision has been made our role is to up-skill staff within the school to so that they can oversee and maintain the integrity of the implementation in classroom without a great deal of external support from us. 

There are different levels of training that we can offer a school to achieve this. We provide two training days to develop the skills needed for these roles.

The Trainer Training Days

TRAINING DAY ONE - the trainee is trained in our support processes - modeling SharpReading routines, providing team teaching support in the classroom and how to run observation and feedback sessions with their teaching colleagues.  For this they will need to become fluent with the use of our Lesson Evaluation Sheets which are structured, transparent tools for self reflection. 

TRAINING DAY TWO - the trainee is taken through our ONLiNE training system and shown how to use this to train teachers on-site in Stages 1, 2, or 3.  The trainee will be guided through planning and delivering after-school workshops and how to keep teachers on track with their accurate delivery of SharpReading. 

NB: We will be running DAY ONE from the beginning of 2018.  Day 2 will be advertised later in 2018.

Accredited SharpReading Trainer

This is the highest level of training we offer. A SharpReading Trainer will become a recognised SharpReading leader within the school and therefore needs to be someone who is a SharpReading enthusiast and someone who school management wishes to promote into a position of leadership and responsibility.

  • They must be an accredited SharpReading Teacher in at least one of the SharpReading Stages
  • They must support teachers and staff in their school only
  • They will be able to train teachers and support staff
  • They will be able to accredit teachers
  • They will be given access to whole school data collation tools and shown how to document a teacher's journey to fluency. 
  • They will be able to award certificates of fluency to their staff. A key acknowledgement of high level accurate delivery of our approach
  • They will be recognised on the SharpReading website
  • They will be able to support the school to become a SharpReading Accredited School.

SharpReading Coach

A SharpReading Coach is a person (usually a skilled teacher who has confidence and accuracy with their delivery of SharpReading), who wishes to train and support teachers and support staff in their school but is NOT wishing to be accredited by SharpReading. 

A Coach is the designated "go to" person in that school and may work across two schools if the school is very small and needs to work with another.  A Coach may come to one or both Trainer days. 

  • They must have attended at least one of our SharpReading Workshops (Stages 1,2,3) and can show experience and skill with delivering SharpReading routines.
  • They must support staff in their school only.
  • They will be able to develop and maintain consistent delivery of SharpReading across the whole school using SharpReading evaluation tools
  • They will be able to train teachers only if they come to Day 2.
  • They will NOT be able to accredit teachers.
  • They will NOT be given access to whole school data collation tools.  This is for accredited trainers only. 

NB: SharpReading can not vouch for the quality of a Coach's ability to model or team teach.  This heavily reliant upon individual confidence, experience and that individuals attention to accuracy.

SharpReading Mentor

A SharpReading Mentor is a person (eg. a reading specialist like a Resource Teacher of Literacy), who supports a number of teachers across a number of schools and wishes to be able to support teachers who have been to a SharpReading workshop or are studying SharpReading online. 

To become a SharpReading Mentor you must have

  • Attended at least one of the Stage 1-3 workshops OR completed the online training for one of these stages 
  • Done some teaching with one of these Stages of guided reading (you must provide evidence of this). 
  • Attend Training Day 1 (Day 2 not required).

A Mentor can not accredit teachers and will use SharpReading as they see fit. (ie in line with their job descriptions / employer expectations). 


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