SharpReading at Glasshouse Christian College, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

We have been working with Shalene for over three years now and she has been very diligent with her implementation of our SharpReading procedures.

Her passion for this approach is quite remarkable and this transfers readily to her students' enthusiasm for reading and the results they achieve. This applies not only to her mainstream students but also "The Struggling Older Readers" that she works with.

She is now an Accredited SharpReading Trainer at Glasshouse Christian College, supporting teachers in the Year 3-6 area of the school.

SharpReading at Nambour Christian College, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Kylie Baker, Primary Teaching and Learning Coordinator talks about introducing SharpReading at Nambour Christian College, Qld.

NCC are now in their third year of SharpReading with three trained SharpReading Trainers operating in the school to monitor the implementation, support teachers and oversee the ONLiNE training of new teachers.


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