SharpPhonics ONLiNE Course

This training programme is the result of a collaboration with Yolanda Soryl Literacy (a very well know NZ phonics consultancy). With Yolanda's blessing we have taken essential parts of her approach to teaching phonics (her Stage 2, initial sounds and Stage 4, CVC words) and combined them with our step by step, 'simple' approach to training. Perfect 15 minute routines for junior teachers and teachers with little or no experience with phonics.

SharpPhonics ONLiNE

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Yolanda Soryl - Yolanda Soryl Literacy

Twenty-eight years classroom teaching in New Zealand and UK. ‘Advanced Skills Teacher’, Reading Recovery teacher and an itinerant teacher working with children with Special Needs. Yolanda is also trained in First Steps and Multilit.

Brian Parker - SharpReading Director

Has been involved in education for close to 30 years as a teacher, teacher trainer and international education consultant. Over the last 10 years he has worked with specialists like Yolanda, to produce educational training in a step by step format.


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