Teacher-Only-Day Workshops

Getting everyone off to a good start

In-Class Support

Lesson modelling, team teaching, observations and feedback

ONLiNE Support

Video tutorials to consolidate teaching practice

Train the Trainer

Develop expertise within the school

Introduce SharpReading School-Wide in 2020

We have School-Wide Systems to make sure SharpReading works for your school.
Bringing about school wide change to the teaching culture requires a clear plan of attack, a good dose of determination to consolidate a new approach, and leaders and drivers within the school to push it forward. 

STEP 1: A SharpReading Trial

Send teachers to one of our public workshops
Trial our SharpReading approach. Establish some credibility for the programme in your school (teacher and student enthusiasm will be very evident) before committing everyone to the implementation. Workshops for NE-Yr 8 (NZ), Prep-Yr 6 (AUS).
Request workshops in your area in 2020 NOW using the booking form below.


NZ $195 + GST
per teacher

STEP 2: TOD Start-Up Workshops

Are you ready to make a start? 
Book a Teacher Only Day. We will come to your school and inspire, enthuse and teach our guided reading routines so that everyone can make a start the very next day - NE to Year 8 (NZ) or Prep-Year 6 (AU). 
CLICK HERE for more detailed conditions and pricing for TODs. 
Use the form below to BOOK a 2020 T.O.D.


NZ $195 + GST per teacher

1 Teacher Aide FREE per 5 teachers

PLUS travel costs outside of Christchurch

STEP 3: ONLiNE Support

We are always there for you.
After the workshop we provide immediate and ongoing online support - regular email reminders, access to a series of ONLiNE videos (so valuable for teachers to check their implementation), regular online contact for question answering and goal setting. 


The costs for all of this is included in the TOD Workshop prices.
No extra charge.

STEP 4: In-School Support

Get us into your school! 
The most significant impact we can have is personal one-on-one support for your teachers with the 'experts'. Schedule two visits to your school  (the first after 4-6 weeks, the second 10-15 weeks later). In the classroom we will model, team teach, observe and give feedback in a VERY non threatening way so that teachers can identify their own next learning steps. ("Best PD ever") 


Costs available on request.

Budget for two observations per teacher in 2020

STEP 5: Train the Trainer

Develop in-school expertise to become independent. The second year of implementation revolves around identifying SharpReading 'Champions' within the school who can be trained to become in-school trainers. This enables the school to maintain the  momentum and the integrity of the programme over time.


Contact us for a quote sharpreading@icloud.com

What's SHARP about SharpReading?

Our SHARP acronym provides a quick summary of the beliefs and assumption behind our SharpReading approach to reading instruction. Click here for more detail.

From Dependence to Independence

CLICK HERE for more information about how to manage change, achieve whole school success and develop independence - A planned approach with SharpReading.

SharpReading Scope and Sequence

CLICK HERE to see what SharpReading will look like once the program is embedded in your school.

SharpReading - Our Methodology and Research

CLICK HERE for a detailed explanation of the development of SharpReading.

Data from SharpReading Schools

CLICK HERE for reading assessment data that has been collected from schools implementing SharpReading.

Accredited SharpReading Schools

CLICK HERE for details of schools that have adopted SharpReading school wide and are progressing towards, or have achieved, accreditation.

BOOK your School Wide PD TODAY

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We will provide a quote and answer any questions you may have about the process outlined above.

CLICK HERE for endorsements from our SharpReading schools.


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