SharpReading Training Courses

Our training courses cover all aspects of reading instruction from Phonics, Decoding, Comprehension and help for the Struggling Older Reader. This training is primarily delivered via our ONLiNE website - accessible by teachers for in your own time, at their own pace learning. These ONLiNE courses can be supplemented by Start-Up workshops and Webinars, email follow-up systems, and in-school support. 

Here is a summary of the content of each of our courses. Click on the links in the drop down menu OUR COURSES for more specific details.


Essential parts of Yolanda Soryl's approach to teaching phonics  (Stage 2, initial sounds and Stage 4, CVC words) combined with our step by step, 'simple' approach to training. Perfect 15 minute routines for junior teachers and teachers with little or no experience with phonics.  More...

SharpPhonics ONLiNE Course:  NZ $195 + GST                              BUY NOW

SharpReading Stages 1&2 - Decoding (NE-Yr2)

"Getting Guided Reading Right for the Beginning Decoder"
Our '5 Bits' routine provides you and your students with the structure they need to get through that daily text in the 10 minutes you have with each group. The students love the routine and feel secure. Confidence levels skyrocket as they take ownership of the reading. Rather than looking for the next teachable moment, you are freed up to monitor their decoding.  More...

Stages 1&2 ONLiNE Course: NZ $99 + GST                                    BUY NOW

SharpReading Stage 3 - Initial Comprehension (Yrs3-8)

"A Systematic Approach to Comprehension Instruction"
The launching pad for Comprehension Strategy Instruction. Our simple routine (which we think is quite unique) shifts the locus of control from the teacher to the students, providing them with the opportunity to truly habitualise independent comprehension skills that transfer into everyday reading. More...

Stage 3 ONLiNE Course: NZ $99 + GST                                            BUY NOW

SharpReading Stages 4-6 - Additional Comprehension (Yrs 3-8)

Stage 4: The Deep 4 (Constructing Meaning)
Visualisation, Prior Knowledge, Asking Questions, Forming Hypotheses - yes, these may all sound  familiar but SharpReading gives them a very different treatment.

Stage 5: Analysing Text (Critical Thinking)
Now is the time to introduce 'big picture' or whole text thinking. We explore the analysis of narrative and non fiction text while the students are reading (an essential active reading skill).

Stage 6: Evaluating Text (Critical Thinking)
Once meaning has been constructed and the content analysed the reader is in the position to be able to evaluate the quality of the text while they are reading (an essential active reading skill).   More...

SharpReading Stages 4-6 Course: NZ $99 + GST                           BUY NOW

The Struggling Older Reader Course (Yrs3-10)

SevenPlus is our starting point. This 8-210 week intervention is design to address the needs of the reader who is stuck on decoding (around a reading age of 7-8) or who is progressing but only slowly. 

"The 5 Bits" - Where to next?
The success or failure of any intervention is usually determined by what happens next. We provide you with our especially modified SharpReading Stage 2 routine to transition learners back into a mainstreamed guided reading routine. 

The Struggling Older Reader ONLiNE Course:  NZ $139* + GST       BUY NOW
*Price includes $80 worth of teaching resources


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