What SharpReading has to offer YOU!


Face-to-face teacher training in guided reading from beginner readers through to fluent comprehenders

ONLiNE Training

Where you can't attend a workshop, in-your-own time training. Includes tutorials, video modelling  resources.

SHARP Stories

High interest texts for Guided and Shared Reading RA 7-16yrs with extensive follow-up activities.


Quickly identify decoding issues and the weak comprehender.

School-Wide Systems to make sure it works

TOD Workshops

The start-up for your teachers. Understanding the theory. Practicing the routines.

In-School Support

We will be there to make sure teachers have the confidence to get their implementation right

ONLiNE Support

We provide online back up for all of our workshops enabling teachers to review the routines and check they are getting the implementation right.

Trainer Training

We will train your own SharpReading experts within the school to keep the programme running.

Face-To-Face Workshops and ONLiNE Training

SHARP Phonics

A structured easy to follow beginners guide to phonics instruction.

Decoding: Cracking the Code

Stages 1&2 
Getting guided reading right for the beginning reader.

Constructing Meaning

Stages 3&4
Developing sentence level comprehension

Thinking Critically

Stages 5&6

Big picture comprehension strategy Instruction

The Struggling Older Reader

Very classroom has them. Includes SevenPlus (an intervention) and Stage 2.


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